Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yes I am doing that "Emo" bullshit, I can feel if I want to!!

I'm all about the Growing Up Cullen stuff. GUC is a funny little thing that two girls came up with, which you can read here:

It's the funniest shit I've read in a long time. I think they get all of the characters spot on. Stephanie Meyer (or however you spell her freaking name) should read it and learn a thing or two.

Today is Christmas Eve. So, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all. I'm actually quite...sad. Usually I find christmas to be a very great holiday. But this year, all I can think about is how badly I've messed up in school. I failed a class. I'm too chicken shit to check to see if I failed the other class I was worried about. I probably did. Why? BECAUSE MY LIFE SUCKS. When something goes wrong, a million things go wrong at once. Isn't that one of Newton's laws? It should be. It seems to be how life goes. For me, at least.

I just want to get into the Army and get away from this stupid school.

I got my school ring earlier than I thought I would. I also got my senior pictures earlier than I thought I would. I'll post both next week. I'm still trying to find my cord to hook my camera up to my computer.

Well, I'm finally off to bed. Good night!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Really?

You know, I'm really pissed off with how my sister's in-laws are treating her and Pingo. Seriously? Fine, you want to not like Marine chick, ok, I can get that, but to turn your back on your grandchild? Fuck that. I swear, the in-laws better hope they never run into me cause I'll let them know how it goes. You may not like someone, but you sure as hell should respect, especially when they're family. Cause NEWSFLASH, Marine Chick and her dude aren't divorced, she's still his wife, she's still (and always will be) the mother of his son. That alone means she is worthy of decency. But then again, we are talking about a family who has no respect for anyone else. They let people walk all over them and talk shit about people behind their backs.

I've got no respect for any of those people and if I never saw them again it would be a day too soon. I've never liked any of them and I never will. I respect my sisters decision and choices, but crap man, she deserves someone who will actually give a crap about her. Not this douchenugget who shouldn't even be a Marine. He needs to man up and grow a pair before a 95 lb girl kicks his ass.

My sister has stuck up for me my whole life, I'm more than willing to return the favor.

And now in happy news, I took a better picture of my hair.

And also, I'm totally in love with Metallica right now and the only reason I'm currently not listening to Metallica is because my Storm CD came in the mail on Monday, so I've been listening to that for two days. It's SIGNED! THEY SIGNED IT! SERIOUSLY? AMAZING!!!! I will no longer complain that it cost me $30. THEY FREAKING SIGNED IT YA'LL!!! I <3 The Storm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. They've seriously moved into my top 5. Black Luck is an awesome CD.

But anyways, Metallica. Right, so Metallica. <3 this band. I <3 Death Magnetic.

Dudes, Papa Het (James Hetfield, singer of Metallica for the sadly uninformed) is my dad's age, 46, and still looks amazing.

I'm throwing this picture in because it makes me smile.


That was just your life.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Haircolor

I got my hair dyed today. It's not as bright as I'd like it, but I do loooooove the color.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Such a Fool

Tomorrow morning at 10am, I'll be meeting with an Army Recruiter to discuss my options as an Officer in the U.S. Army.

I'm just joining the army so I can still have a Military I.D., get to live on base (and thus have access to cheaper things and no sales tax and cheap movies), wear a uniform, meet hot guys in equally hot uniforms, work on my rifle skills, have my dad salute me while completely ignoring I have to salute my brother (I just won't look at him when he's in uniform), get out of BUTTFUCK OHIO, move to the beautiful south (If I get stuck north, I'll bitch until I get my transfer), get $3000 a month (and that's just for starters), have a chance to travel, and, lastly, have the army pay off my ridiculous school loans.

And, the number one reason of all: To serve my country with honor and valor.

I'm going to be devestated if I don't get in. Which means I'm going to have to change a few things. I'm going to need to start working out more (pull-ups are a bitch), I'm going to need to learn to eat a meal quickly, I need to eat more and better, and I'm going to have to learn not to cry when someone yells at me.

And I'm going to have to start getting up at 6am. YUCK.

I'm going home for Thanksgiving Break tomorrow around noon. I can't wait. Even though I have like 6 papers to write and a bunch of other shit to do. I can't wait until the semester is over.

Oh, I got my hair cut again.

Essentially, what I got cut was the right side of my head, as seen in picture #1, and the back. When the left side grows out more, it'll look better.

And I promise I will update soon about the Metallica concert a few weeks ago. I'll post a couple of my videos so you can cringe at my singing voice.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Things I Hate About Michigan

2. Your roads suck. Big time.
3. Nothing good on the radio.
4. Deers.
5. Deers running into cars.
6. Not enough lighting so I can see aforementioned deers.
8. Your cop cars are too cool.
9. Grand Rapids is a horrible excuse for a city. Do something about it.
10. Did I mention I really don't like your roads?

I will be posting about my wonderful time in Grand Rapids later. Right now, I'm watching my videos from last night and writing a paper about the military. Woo.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh yeah!

Good news all around. I only owe $500 to the school and as soon as I turn in this stupid paper, I should be getting $500. So then I'll be able to sign up for classes.

in one week, Afro and I will be in Grand Rapids to see Volbeat and Metallica! I am beyond estatic! I cannot wait to see Volbeat! Too bad they're only playing 8 songs, but ya'll can bet I'll be screaming my lungs out from row 201! Metallica should be more than amazing, so I've heard.

And then in February, I'll be heading to Cleveland for the first time to meet Epica! I cannot wait to get my hands on their new CD. Their concert should be amazing!

And then in March, I'll be going to St. Louis to see my sister for Spring Break. And While i'm there, hopefully she and I will be going to see Flogging Molly! FM just announced their 2010 tour dates. They'll be in St. Louis on March 10th, which is the near the end of my spring break. Perfect! Since Marine Chick wasn't able to make it to the Volbeat/Metallica show with me, we can go see Flogging Molly together. It'll be 10 times cheaper (only $28) and we'll be much closer to the band! I can't wait to find out who is opening for FM. Hopefully it's someone I know!

So yeah. God is providing. It took a while for the sun to shine, but here it is!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Layout

Got bored and made this. The lyrics are from the Within Temptation song "Utopia", which is amazing. The tiara is one of the Spanish Royal Tiaras, if I remember right.



As I come closer and closer to my College Graduation, the question of "What Will I Do With My Life?" continually pops up. One thing I have always loved, is writing. I wrote my first book in 6th grade. What a wreck, but yet what a start. So this year, I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo, which is National Novel Writing Month.

NaNoWriMo is where you spend the month of November writing a book, trying to reach 50,000 words or more. This is great for writers like me who need deadlines in order to get things done. I'm going to be writing about a story I've had bouncing around in my head for the last year or so. The current working title is Upon A December and has to do with the Mayan prediction that the world will end in 2012. And there might be a superhero or 12 in there somewhere. hehe.

I'm so excited to finally be able to write this. So November will be very busy for me!

I've been partially obsessing over Deadliest Catch for the past week. I've made it to Season 4, which I am currently on episode 5 of. My fav boats are the Time Bandit, Northwestern and the Cornelia Marie. I'd love to meet the Captains. They should do CatchCon again. I'd fly wherever just to see that!

NaNo starts at midnight, so I've got a few things to do finish up before the writing begins.

p.s. 9 days until Volbeat and Metallica!!!! My former big Afro is going with me!!

p.p.s. I slept from midnight until 2pm and I'm still freaking tired. BLAH.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What In The World?

I'd like to take a moment to mourn the loss of Michelle Obama's style. Most of the time, she has amazing style. Not so much anymore.

Why would she look in the mirror and think this is ok?

(Picture from

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is not ok. I'm pretty sure my Farmor, who is not the world's most stylish person, would not wear that outfit. Surely, someone who has a stylist, or twenty, would realize this is not a good looking outfit?

And then there's me. This morning I had to take my senior pictures. For some reason, back in September, I scheduled my pictures for 10:30am on a Thursday, when I don't have class until 6pm. I did not get to sleep in this morning. I am now beyond grumpy.

In picture one, you'll notice, maybe, my extremely dirty mirror. I did not realize how dirty my mirror was. It's been noticed and will soon be cleaned.

In picture two, you'll notice, again, the dirty mirror but also my very shaky hands. I hadn't had anything to eat at this point.

I am wearing a White House Black Market Napolionic Collar Topper Coat, White House Black Market Sleeveless Colorblocked Shirt, Old Navy black pants that I'm pretty sure I got at Goodwill cause I haven't been in an Old Navy in years and I only bought khaki pants that last time, and a pair of beautiful black Mossino shoes, that obviously you can't see in the picture. But they're nice shoes!

And now, I'm going to go clean my mirror, write some more for my papers, and continue watching Season 3 of the Deadliest Catch.

p.s. 11 Days Until Volbeat and Metallica!!!!

p.p.s. Follow me on Twitter: Within Demise, Twitter Style

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My haircolor

I managed to take a decent picture of my hair that lets you see exactly what my hair color is now.

It's orange and red. The roots are a more orange color while the rest is red. While I do like it, the moral of the story is listen to mutti next time. She told me to stick with the same color I had been using, but noooo I wanted to try a different red. And this is what I got. Not bad, just different.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Layout

Ok, so now we have a new temporary layout. I am absolutely in love, head over heels, with the song "Are Your Shoes Too Tight?" by The Storm. It's soooooo amazing. So, I made a new layout with some of the lyrics (as I hear them) from the song with a picture of the adorable Michael Poulsen from Volbeat.

The Storm's video for Are Your Shoes Too Tight:

p.s. 19 days until Volbeat and Metallica!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Hair and a New Coat

So, I have wonderful parents. My mutti and I went to White House Black Market yesterday and they still didn't have the boots I want, so instead she bought me the white coat.

I love it soooo much. I also dyed my hair again over the weekend. It came out more orange than red, although you can't really tell in the pictures.

Now I just need a new hair cut.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Will Life Please Get Better?

I'm drowning. I'm drowning in phlem. I'm drowning in school work. I'm drowning in promises, committments, life. Every morning I lay in bed and I just don't want to get up. It's to the point where I m late on some assignments. I just don't care. There's this voice in the back of my head that's screaming "You need to do this stuff!" but I ignore it. Why? Because I don't care. I don't care about a degree. I don't care about getting a job. I don't care about class. Why should I when it seems like everytime I take a step forward, I get thrown about 20 feet back?

I can't pay for school. I can't finish classes. I can't understand what I'm studying. I'm just floating through, praying I might make it through. But it doesn't matter. None of this does. Not when bad people who do nothing but bad, get to the highest peaks while those of us who play by the rules lay at the bottom.

I want to run away from this school. I hate this school. At this point, I just like a few people I attend school with. That's it. I even feel hated by some students here, simply because I'm not afraid to say I'm a Republican. I don't like the classes. I don't like the professors. I just want out. And yes, technically, I should be leaving in May. But guess what, I need a class. A class that is only offered in the fall. I didn't find out I needed the class until it was too late to add the class this sem. Oh and I already had a class at that time. The chances that the professor will let me take it as an independent study next semester is slim to none. He does't like me. I don't like him. I've not proven to him I deserve it.

But I refuse to have to come back in the fall for one stupid class. So you know what that means? That means I have to go above the professor, who happens to be the chair of the poli sci department. That means I am jeopardizing a lot. I don't even know if anyone above him will let me take the class an independent study. They'll probably just tell me they're sorry, but I have to come back in the fall. WHICH IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER!! WHY SHOULD I COME BACK FOR ONE STUPID CLASS? I can't come part time because I don't live in this town. I live 3 1/2 hours away. Which means I'd have to go full time. that's 4 classes! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COSTS AT THIS SCHOOL? I don't have that money and my options for loans is nill!

I really can't do this anymore. After this weekend, which is fall break, if things have not changed, I'm going to have to e-mail my advisor and the head of the department and let them know what's going on. I'm having a breakdown. And it's only getting worse.

I really just don't like life right now at all.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Completely Disenfranchised with Life

I hate life. I hate school. I hate people.

I just want to watch CSI, eat food, drink soda or tea, and not have any responsibilities. Oh, and I don't want people to assume that I would be honky dory if Bush had won the Nobel Peace Prize. I liked the guy, but he didn't do much to deserve it. So, if you would kindly shut your fucking mouth and stop assuming I kiss every Republican ass I see, that would be great. kthanxbye.

In other news. Yesterday I bought this shirt:

And this purse:

They're both from White House Black Market aka my favorite store ever. When I get paid next month, I am going to buy these shoes:

Hopefully they will still have them. They're just $50 right now, but I can't spend anymore money until after I pay the first payment for my school ring. I should be getting charged for that in the next few weeks.

My far said I could get these boots:

My mutti and I went to WHBM to get them when I was home last weekend, but they didn't have them in the store. We're going to go back next weekend when I'm home to see if they have them then. If they don't, I'm going to get one of these coats:

I really want the white one, but they didn't have that last weekend either. The boots and the white coat are new, but the other coat isn't. They had the black coat last weekend. If we cant find the boots or the white coat, I'm going to get the black coat. Or something else.

I need pants, shoes, and a coat to go with my new shirt and purse. I love WHBM. I finally got my blackbook card, so I now get 5% off my purchases. This is so going to be my store when I'm president.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photography Portion of the Class

We're in the photography portion of my graphic design class, which is my current favorite part. I love taking photos.

One of our projects was we had to take 5 self-portraits.

Picture 1 had to be a soft photo (slightly blurry)

Picture 2 had to be a sharp Black and White Photo.

Picture 3 had to be me looking down at someone. I had a better idea for this but no one would help me :(

Picture 4 had to be me looking up at someone. Again, I had a great idea for this, but no one would help me. all of the pictures I took today didn't look good, but luckily I found this in my collection, so I think it should work.

Picture 5 he told us to be creative as we want to be. So this is what I did, hopefully it works:

I'd like to give you a proper update on my life. But, well, besides ordering my cap and gown and my class ring, nothing really has happened lately.

Oh, BTW, Repo: The Genetic Opera is AMAZING!!! I <3 Graverobber.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Don't Need Your Drama, I've Got Enough Of Mine

Hey, you there, on the nightwish forum, bite me.

I've been doing forums for like 5 years now. I think my very first forum was either evanescence of the Sims. I have never, ever, been warned or anything. I've always been really nice, helpful, and sometimes, even liked. At least, I think I was liked on the sims forum back in the day. I was a skinner, so I made skins for people and I did requests, so I think I was kind of popular.

But then comes this new nightwish forum and all of a sudden, I am the biggest bitch that only a couple of people seem to like and noone really talks to me and it just sucks. the forum sucks balls now. It used to be pretty cool, but now I can't stand it. The people on, mostly, suck.

Maybe I'm just too cynical at this point in my life to be apart of something like that. I don't trust anything anyone writes and I think most people are just douchebags.

Fuck the nightwish forum. Bye bye.

p.s. yes, I'm attempting to work on my new layout. It's a slow process, bite me.
p.p.s. did I ever mention I got my VIP ticket for Epica in February? I just hope Alice gets hers so we can go together! Epica would not be the same if she is not there to enjoy it with me!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the middle of a facelift

As you might see, for the whole 1 of you who actually reads my blog, I am in the middle of redoing my blog. My stupid photoshop is being douchey, so it will take longer than I had originally hoped, but hopefully by tomorrow the changeover will be complete.

Until then, enjoy the awkardness that is the final moments of Where The Storm Meets the Ground. Which, btw, is an amazing song by The Storm. YouTube it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh Hai, Over react much? K, thanx, bye!

Today is the end of my very enjoyable three day weekend. What did I do for labor day weekend? Well, my wonderful roommate Alice had an extra ticket for Cedar Point and was kind enough to invite me to go with her. Also, her family owns a trailer in Port Clinton and so her parents and her brother would be joining us (or us joining them) for some wonderful labor day weekend festivities.

We drove over on Friday evening and we watched some TV and just settled in. We did visit with some of their friends that night as well. On Saturday, Alice and I went to Cedar Point where I had an amazing time. We rode Millenium Force (where I lost part of my soul and almost got mangled by someone's water bottle that popped out over a hill. BTW, just so you know DON'T TAKE A WATER BOTTLE ON A ROLLERCOAST. K, thanx.), Magnum, Gemini 3 times, Paddlewheel 2 times (Alice used to work there), the Mine Ride, Raptor and Blue Streak. I had a great time, as I said, despite the bruises on my legs, arms, and back. Blue Streak, gemini and the mine ride are all really old, so I bounce around a lot in their wooden coasters. Ouch.

We left about 5 and then headed back to the trailer where we sat around and watched some TV after going on a liquor run for some people. On Sunday, we went to Netty's for lunch, then went to the lighthouse in Marblehead, and then headed back to the trailer park. We had a huge cookout with some of their amazingly funny friends. Alice and I satyed until about 8 or so and then we headed back to her trailer where we watched some more TV and worked on some stuff for NaNoWrMo.

Then this morning we woke up for breakfast at 9 with some friends and had a pretty lazy morning before driving back to campus at noon. All in all, I adore Alice's family because they are hilarious. And, I'm sure she'll tease me for saying so, but Alice's brother is pretty cute. I just thought I'd mention for all who care.

He reminds me of my brother in that he likes to pick on me. haha, he thought it would be funny to start saying shit about the red wings, which got me going. It was comical. He's such a typical brother, haha.

But yeah. I didn't get much homework done, but I had an awesome weekend. I love hanging out with Alice and her family and their friends at Port Clinton. I hope I get a chance to do it again before I graduate.

tonight, I am going to head over to Afro's apartment to hang out with him and Ice and watch some football. Yeah!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Only Thing Worse That Could Happen Is I Could Have the Swine Flu Or Some Other Deadly Disease

I'm to the point where dropping out of college is becoming more and more appealing. Sadly, I am not joking about that. Within the next couple weeks, particularly while being at home this weekend, a decision will have to be made. It's becoming more and more clear that the idea of me graduating of May is passing farther and farther away from my reach.

I hate that I'm so close and yet graduation is out of my reach. I should have known that since it seemed like I had everything under control that everything is not under control. So what do I do? I do intend on getting my degree. I won't come this close to it and never get it, but I'm thinking I will drop out and get a job doing something and then go back later, in a year or something, and finish my last year. But honestly, at this point, I want nothing more to do with this ridiculous school. I don't want to give them the satisfaction of adding me to the list of people who have graduated with a degree from their institution.

I don't know what I would do for a job if I drop out. Maybe the military? I don't know anymore. It's weird, but it seems like whenever I'm at school, I have the strong desire to be in the military, but when I go home, I lose that desire. I don't think I want to be an officer, but I think I'd like to be in the military. But then that means no Denmark for Grad school :( But with the money I'd make in the military I could save up and then go there for a vacation one year. IDK.

I just really don't have the desire to be at this ridiculous school anymore.

Today I found out that I've somehow overlooked the fact that I need to take POL 408 to graduate. How is it that while planning my class schedule for the last three years that I've managed to skip that class? HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE? This makes no sense. And, of course, the class is only given in the fall. Oh and it's during my history class. Sure, I could drop my history class and add my POL 408 but I need that history class.

I just don't care anymore. And I don't mean about getting my degree. I want nothing more to get my degree, but I just don't care about this ridiculous school anymore. I don't want to give them anymore money. I don't want to give them my service. I don't want to be here anymore.

So what do I do? I suppose I could transfer...but to where? I just don't know what to do. And I know what my parents will say. They will tell me to tough it out and do what I have to get my degree. I only have 9 months left.

But that's not what I want. I don't want to be here anymore. Everyday for the past five days I've wanted to just bawl my eyes out because nothing is going right. It's like the world has conspired against me. I'm so thoroughly unhappy here. I don't like any of my classes. I am so pissed that this stupid school won't accept my science class and that I have to appeal one of my grades and that I never knew I need POL 408 despite the fact I've been meticulously planning every semester since I was freshman. I hate that I can never get into my dorm because the stupid key system doesn't work and I that don't have a job. I hate that I still have to finish that stupid research methods class and I have to write that stupid issue for Model UN and I have to be president of a club that no one cares about. I just don't care anymore.

I'm done.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'd Like to Tell You A Story About A Girl Who Had a Mild Panic Attack At School and Murdered Half the Campus...

But that would be a false story.

I have to perform in my espionage class with 3 other people on Friday. Our class has been split into 8 groups and we each have a different part of the "spy finding a mole" process. Our part is the "Handling" of information. I play the Washington policy-maker who informs the spy of what we need from the mole.

I hate talking in front of groups and performing in front of people.

I know, how can I be a politician if I can't speak in front of people? Well, when I'm talking about something I enjoy, like politics, then its easy for me to speak in front of people.

This is why I never did acting.

Well, espionage should be fun though.

My other classes suck, although I haven't had Capstone yet, but judging by the fact we have 5 books, I'm going to bet it sucks.

I'm still trying to decide if I really want to go to Sonata Arctica or not. Its only $16 for the ticket, but I'm trying not to spend my money so much. Plus I need to buy my VIP ticket for Epica and my $40 Volbeat shirt before the show in November. So much to buy so little money!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School And Pissed Beyond Belief Already. New High Score!

So today is the first day of classes of the new year. I moved back to this ridiculous school on saturday and have discovered that this school is more fucked up than ever. First of all, we have hardly any shelving in our room. wtf? Oh and my friends room on the 3rd floor gets a bench in the shower, but we don't despite the fact this is supposed to be a handicapped room.

oh, rite, i see what you did thar. AND FUCK YOU.

Then I discover that the school will not accept my Environmental science class as one of my science requirements because when I was a freshman, ENS 101 was a BIO class, thus since I took Bio Lab, ENS 101 does not count. Oh really? I AM NOT TAKING ANOTHER FUCKING SCIENCE CLASS DOUCHEBAGS.

Oh and I still will need 18 credits. So next semester, I have to take 18 credits which is about 6 classes. Did I mention I'll have to pay extra for that 6th class despite the fact the online registry tells us we're allowed 18 credits? Haha, I totally get it. AND ANOTHER FUCK YOU!

And then, ya know, I can't get my fucking computer updated all weekend so this is the first time I've been on the internet since friday. Fucking retarded system.

And then today, I lose my id! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY ID. I can't get into my building, I can't eat in the lunchroom or the cafe, and I can't buy my books. WHY GOD, WHY?

I am just beyond pissed and beyond stressed and I am this | | close to crying and then taking a gun to the stupid college hall (just kidding, I'd never kill them. that would be letting them off to easily).

Oh, and did I mention after that for four years of school, it costs over $100,000? And it's not even that great of an education.

Swear to God, after I become famous, I'm telling everyone to stay away from this fucking school. It's not worth the crap you go through in the four years here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Post Number 50-OMG, Let's Get Some Shoes!

These are my new shoes. I love them like I have never loved a pair of shoes before. my life is complete!

And this is the new hairstyle I've been working on. It's a pathetic mohawk with a curl at the end that doesn't like to curl. I need to get my hair trimmed and then maybe it'll work a bit better.

My mutti and I are going to Fort Knox tomorrow to see Marine Chick, Curly, and the kids. I'm so happy! I miss my sister so much!!

I sold 3 textbooks on amazon so i made $186!! YES!!! Life is good!!

I think my next design may be slipknot. Or, IDK.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Show Must Go On: Preparing For Senior Year

This won't just be any senior year. This will be my final senior year. I did my senior year of high school. Now I must complete my senior year of college. Like high school, this senior year will end in a commencement ceremony where I will walk across a stage and be handed my diploma. But this isn't just any diploma. This is a diploma from a University. This is a diploma that says for the last four years I worked my butt off against diversity and sexism and liberal hate. No, the diploma won't actually say it, but when I accept that diploma with my beautiful name on it, that's part of what I have fought against these past four years. Among other things, such as jackass frat boys who think they're important and bitchy sorority girls who think hazing is fun and brings everyone closer.

In a week from tomorrow I will move back to my loser school to live with my cool roommate Alice who will be kind and deal with my obsession with Volbeat which will become too much to handle in November and then will cool a tiny bit around December, but will explode yet again should they choose to return to the states anytime in 2010 or if I get accepted to Roskilde and I move to Denmark for two years.

In a week from Monday I start classes and work. Let's take a look at the classes I will be taking, shall we? Let's start with remidial fucking Math (because I'm an idiot). Yes, for a semester I shall have learn all the basics of math or whatever the fuck they teach in that horrid excuse for a class. Then I have Art and Espionage (which is taught by a former CIA agent, how cool is that?) because I need a Cor300 class and it's a Cor300 class, and the coolest one, if I do say so myself. And there's Grapic Design, which better involve photography or I will be upset. There's the Origin of the American Republic, which will be my last history class (which means once I pass that, I technically have complete my minor! WOOOO). It will also be my last class with Dr. White Castle, which is sad as he was so very funny. And my last class is Capstone in Political Science, which is my senior level Poli Sci class. It's not my last poli sci class (I still have to take War & Peace in the spring) but it will be the most challenging poli sci class I've had to take in my four years at college. If its not, you can be certain I'll be sticking my tongue out at a certain Canadian professor in defiance.

As well as classes, I will also be working two jobs. I will return to being a secretary in a certain office for a certain Dean (and I'm sure I'll be racking up the paper cuts this year as well). I will also be working as an editor of some sort on the school newspaper. It helps that my roommate Alice is the head of the paper. She's so cool. Ha, it pays to be friends with people in high places. Oh shit man, I'm totally going to make an awesome politican! Look, I'm already using my friends to get me places! (joking...and like all of my so called friends aren't going to use me when I'm President, not that Alice is a so called friend. She's a really good friend of mine, one of my best friends and I'm not actually using her to get the job. SHIT, why am I writing a disclaimer? Fuck you if you don't get my sarcasm and get away from my blog!)

Uh...anyways. I'm also going to start my third year of being President of College Republicans. This year the hardest thing is going to be finding my replacement for when I graduate. There are just no other dedicated republicans on campus. It's so sad. Not just anyone can be President. It takes a lot.

And I am also involved in a new sorority on campus, so that's going to keep me pretty busy. We've got so much to do within the first couple weeks of being on campus, I'm going to be so stressed out, but knowing that I have so many wonderful women working alongside me, I know everything will work out just fine! But like I said, it's going to keep me so busy!

And, ya know, it takes a lot to obsess over Volbeat. That's almost a full time job in and of itself. But, I'm certain, when November comes, I'll make them proud. They'll hear me screaming and she me rocking out, even up in row 201! And I'm also pretty stoked about seeing Metallica too. I wonder if they ever play St. Anger. I like certain parts of the song, just not the whole thing. Oh, they better play One! And Nothing Else Matters. And Master of Puppets. And Enter Sandman, of course. Fade to Black, hopefully. Oh, and Sad But True.

November 9=Best Day Ever!

If I could meet Metallica, that would be great. Major Pain in the Ass was once a huge Metallica fan. It would be cool if I could send him just a picture of me with Lars or James for christmas. Haha, that would be a great gift. God jule MPITA, from Metallica and your dear youngest sister, aka Future President of the U.S.

Vote for Me!

Anyways...For the last oh, IDK, 20 hours or so, I've been listening to a lot of Slipknot. I had been listening to a mix of Volbeat, The Storm, Danzig, The Misfits, Lasgo, Milk Inc, Spinnerette, and Sylver, but I decided Slipknot was what I wanted and now I can't turn them off. I don't mean I don't know how, I mean I've really missed Slipknot (it's been years since I've listened to them) so I'm kind of soaking them up. Dont worry, I'm not ignoring my beloved Volbeat, I throw in some VB every once in a while, but it's mostly Slipknot for now. Good stuff.

New layout coming soon. I'm working on a new design.

Friday, July 31, 2009


All I have to say is my far is one grumpy motherfucker.

And my farfar is one big douchebag.

I think that's why my far is so grumpy. Does that mean I'm going to be grumpy with my kids and they'll be grumpy with theirs? I don't want this cycle to continue. I don't want to snap at my kids when all they say is "Hi Dad". Oh man, what a crime, your fucking son said hi. Call the fucking cops.

It's the one thing I can't stand about my far. He gets angry and moody so easily. It's like one thing goes wrong and he's pissed off for the rest of the day and takes it out on us. I can't tell you how many times I've been yelled at for the littlest things because he was already pissed off. I hate it. It's pretty much the reason I can't wait to move out and be away from his moodiness. It's gotten worse since he started college. I get it. Maybe I don't get how frustrating it is to have to go to school and have a job (although I kind of do, on a smaller level), but I know how fucking frustrating it is to be in school.

I just wish he'd get his freaking temper under control and not snap at us. I pray to God I do not do that with my kids.

Yeah, I'll say it now, I don't want to be like my parents (mostly). If I could just inherit all the positive things and none of the negative things, that would be great, thanks. Just leave all the drama.

I've had enough drama over the last 21 years to last me a lifetime, thanks. I want my kids to reach 21 and go "Jesus Christ, we had fucking boring lives. My mom is the greatest though. No one rocks harder than her." And then we'll just call it a day.

I don't want to continue the drama like my parents have. I want my kids to be so fucking normal it hurts.

Ya know, except for the whole being the child of the President.

High hopes, ya'll, I got high hopes.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Manic Monday

I had a dentists appointment this morning. Ugh...I do not like that dental assistant. Seriously, why do you think my gums are bleeding? Maybe it has something to do with the extremely sharp tool you're jamming in there. Bitch.

I have to go back tomorrow to get some cavities filled. Yippee...

In other news, I dyed my hair Red Hot today. It turned out very well, if I do say so myself. I think I'll touch up my roots later this week.

Being as home is as boring as I hoped it would be. Besides having to get up early today and tomorrow, things are good so far.

Next weekend the new outlet mall opens and it has a Hugo Boss store which, with any luck, will become my new favorite store :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sonata Arctica will be in Louisville on October 17th! I'm so excited and I can't wait to go!

I am in absolute love with Full Moon, it's an amazing song and I demand you listen to it:



Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tillykke med fodselsdagen Pingo!!

Happy 1st birthday to my wonderful nephew Pingo!! Despite all the crap going on with your mor and far, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Today was my last day of class. I'M FREE!! For four weeks, at least.

Tennis starts soon and I won't be there. It kind of sucks. But I'd rather be a lazy bitch for the next four weeks than do something for free that gets me nowhere.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, as if my year couldn't get any better! Epica just announced they will be headlining a tour in the U.S. with Blackguard as their opener! Shitastic!! They will be in Cleveland on February 3rd. Either I attend that show or truck my ass down to Atlanta on February 28th since I'll be on Spring Break. I suppose it's possible, as long as CPAC isn't going on, that my parents might let me go to Atlanta. Although I fucking hate the Masquerade and would like to avoid that place like the plague.

Ugh, I'm not looking forward to standing outside in the fucking snow. Ah, fuck Cleveland. This show will be my first time to Cleveland. Fuck, if I can survive Atlanta, I think I'll be golden in Cleveland.

I'm so excited! I'll be ordering my Volbeat/Metallica ticket within the next week or so! Oh, my loves!! I can't wait to see Volbeat again! I hope Rammstein plans a US tour soon!! And Flogging Molly needs to get their asses back here!

I am now addicted to concerts! I wonder if anyone I know will be in Cincy over the next four weeks...hmm...

I'm home in three days!!!

The Nose...Smells...My Stomach...Hurling

Today I'd like to talk about smells. I have pretty much always been someone with a strong sense of smell. If I don't like the way food smells, I won't usually eat it. I'm very big on smells.

So that brings me to today. For some reason, I was all about smells today. I think it started with the stupid spoiled milk that I had to dump out over the weekend. I smell everything now and when I say everything I mean everything that smells awful. The entire time I sat in class today all I could think about was how bad everything smells.

Because of this, I had a horrible headache, actually I still have a horrible headache, and my stomach has been churning all day. I really feel like I need to hurl a very violent, yet relieving, hurl. Ya know, that hurl that before hand you feel like death has warmed over and afterwards you feel like you're ready to drink some more? Yeah, I need a relieving hurl. I pretty much feel like shit and I would love to lean over the toliet and let it all go. Hey, dude, don't talk to me about overshare, this is my blog, I'll talk about puke if I want to.

Also, it's been way too long since I threw up after a night of drinking. While some may think that's amazing, I think that means I just haven't gone all the way in way too long. I still remember Kermit's epic throw-up that somehow made it behind the toliet and even on the plunger. How does that shit happen? That's like texts from last night epic. It doesn't happen often but when it does, its epic.

BTW, if you don't already know them, here are some bands you should check out:

The Misfits [when Danzig was the singer, although I love Dig Up Her Bones], Danzig [especially How the Gods Kill and Mother], Volbeat, and DevilDriver.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called my mom after class today to tell her about my fun times trapsing around in Rock Creek and she told me I got a package. I told her to open it, cause she said it was from france and I was all 'WTF, what did I order that came from France?' so she opened it and it was MY MICHAEL POULSEN PIN-UP!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy, as you can see. I can't wait to put it up in my apartment at school in the fall. Sexiness....ooooo

This is the picture, in case you were wondering:

This is the perfect start to my weekend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Totally Not Interested In Anything At The Moment...Not Even My Beloved Volbeat...Ok, Only Volbeat Can Get My Attention

We did a genetics lab today in class and pricked our fingers to find out our blood type. Turns out I'm type O which means if I ever need a blood transfusion, they can give me anything. Woot, woot.

I'm so tired and just generally not interested in anything at the moment.

Yeah, except for Volbeat. They seem to be the only thing that can keep my attention at the moment. I need my head cleared!

I totally have the theme song for The Nanny stuck in my head which is weird cause I haven't watched it in a while.

I never said I was sane.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

BREAKING NEWS...ISSUE NUMBER 1 IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!! ISSUE NUMBER TWO SUCKS, BUT I'M TOO EXCITED ABOUT ISSUE NUMBER 1 TO CARE! get back from class, take a short nap, then walk to the pit stop to get some soda. I come back, get on the computer, check out to find out that VOLBEAT'S GOING TO BE IN THE U.S. THIS FALL!!! That's right bitches...Volbeat is opening up for Metallica in several dates in October, November and December. And guess what? THEY'RE GOING TO BE IN GRAND RAPIDS ON NOVEMBER 9TH!!! I'M GOING TO GET TO SEE VOLBEAT AGAIN!!!

Sadly this means I won't be getting my tattoo anytime soon since I now need to save up for Volbeat CDs, shirts and the ticket. But it's totally fracking worth it. Volbeat and Metallica in one night? HELL YES!! FOR HELVEDE!!!

God is totally on my side.

So what's issue number 2, you ask? My farfar (my dad's father) had a heart attack. Apparently he's fine, but this just brings up so many issues in my family seeing as most of my farfar's kids hate him. I, personally, don't like the bastard. I'm glad to hear he's ok, but I doubt this near death experience will change him at all.

And like I said, I'm too freaking excited to care!!!


I'm going to go now...November can't come soon enough!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybellene...oh I'm so sorry

My prof violently ripped apart Maybellene's hips today in class.*

It was not very cool. We had our first bio test today. I think I passed, but jeez, it was ridulous! Now we're talking about cells. I hate biology.

I watched a very good movie last night, its called Nights in Rodanthe. Reiko and I went to see it when it came out in theaters and I cried like a baby. Last night was no different. I started my night off by watching The Ruins, a supposedly scary movie. It was a really good movie, a bit gross, but not as scary as I was expecting. Then I watched Nights in Rodanthe and bawled. And I finished my night by watching Sin City. Very good movie!

Today, I am going to watch Deadliest Catch on Discovery. I love that show. My whole family does. Other than that, I will work on my paper and try to find an article for class on thursday.

My mutti is coming to get me on Thursday. I will be home for fourth of july, which will be nice. Maybe I could secretly get my tattoo this weekend ;) haha, doubt it, but we'll see.

I feel like a nap is a good thing to do, but I am also hungry. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I had steak last nigt :) it was so good! I also had steak two nights ago and I still have one more left to cook! I will eat that tomorrow to go with my muffins and green beans I will also make. Yummy. My mutti says she will give me corn and green beans from our garden when I am home this weekend so next week I will have fresh and delicious corncobs and long fresh, delicious green beans. Yummy!!

*It wasn't actually violently, it just sort of sounded like it. It was violent when he pulled both of her legs back to arch her pelvis up so he could find all of her anatomy parts underneath bigger anatomy parts. Sad times :( Thursday will be my last day with Maybellene. That's when we take our practical to see how much we have learned. I took a picture of Maybellene today on my cell phone, I will post it soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


editors note- this is the fourth time I've written this...fucking internet at school sucks!

I started biology last week. I have lecture monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 1-3pm and lab on tuesday and thursday from 10:15am-12:45pm. That means that tuesday and thursday and part of me dies. I have biology for four and a half hours on tuesday and thursday. Can we say OVERKILL? Ridiculous.

We started dissecting pigs on thursday in lab. I have a lille pige (little girl) and the other guy in my class (yes, there are only two of us in the class, woot) has a lille dreng (little boy). I named my spotted lille pige Maybellene. I felt bad when I cut her mouth and body open. To be honest, the worst part of it all was hearing the cracking of the ribs when my prof pulled her chest cavity open. Other than that, I'm do expertly. My prof says I'm really good at this. I think that's a compliment.

I'm all alone...Violent Pat left on Friday. I miss her.

I've got a lot to do this week. Blah, I hate this summer. Not working for me at all. Oh well, at least I'll be graduating next May!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The End

I now know what its like to watch everything you've worked so hard for fall away in an instance.

I made a mistake and now I'm being punished for it.

I'm so close to seeing everything disappear in an instant.

They're almost insistant on ruining everything because of one mistake.

Now I know why people say life isn't fair.

Now I know why I hate this school.

I've lost all motivation to do pretty much anything.

I'll do Biology and get through that class.

But my senior year, should I go, will be horrible.

And now I don't know if I'll even be accepted to any Grad School.

I understand rules, but there must be someway they can punish me without ruining me.

I've learned my lesson, trust me, but does that mean they have to ruin my chance at ever getting into Grad school?


God help me.

Because no one else can.

There's nothing I can do to fix what I've done.

All I can do is pray and pray that the effect is all God's plan and that everything will work out in the end.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Forever Feed That Rebel Monster...Dance All People I Hold The Gun...FOR HELVEDE!!

All I have to say is why are all the best bands in Europe? It's not fair...I never get to see them! I got lucky with Nightwish (and as such, Volbeat). But I want more! I walk Milk Inc.Within Temptation.Volbeat (a million times over).Nightwish.Apocalyptica.Magtens Korridorer.Rammstein.The Storm.The Gathering.Delain.Sonata Artica. I wonder if Gob Squad still does shows...

I'm inconsoliable.

And this is half the reason why I am trying to do my Grad school overseas, so I can see all of these bands and more! The other half is because I want to travel through Europe and see all the sights. And I'm hoping to fall in love with a wonderful European man. Someone with a cool last name.

I have one paper left for Pop Culture in America. Tomorrow's our last day of class and the paper is due Friday by 5. I'm going home tomorrow :) Min Farmor is coming to get me and then we're driving down to the Nasty Nati. So I'll be home until Sunday and then it's back to campus for class on Monday. I start bio on monday. Bleh. There's only 2 other people in the class, so it should be significantly boring.

I'm back on Myspace, although it's annoying me. But Volbeat and Magtens Korridorer are my new myspace friends, so life is good :) hehe. I have no life.

I think I'll go feed that Rebel Monster now and watch a horror movie!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday, I loved You Like Gold...Not Like The Monday, You Passed Like a Ghost

I'm trying to make a new graphic for up above. Nothing is striking me though...I need inspiration.

Until then...

I'm home for the weekend. Tomorrow my mutti is taking me back to school. I need to write my paper tonight on the Boondsock Saints. I could always write my papers on my favorite movies and celebrities, that would make school so much better. I think if I end up teaching, I'm going to try to relate my classes to pop culture. Maybe that way kids will like Politics.

Yeah...I'm still very much into Volbeat. Ya can't stop them!

I've got like 5 grad schools that I will be applying to. Only 2 of them are in the states. The other three are in Europe. WOOHOO!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Want To Write Something Happy...But Since I Feel Like Killing A Certain Douchebag, You're Gonna Get A Non-Happy Post

First of all, you'll be happy to hear that I finished my paper at 6am and thus got 3 and a half hours of sleep before I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed at 9:30. 20 minutes to get ready. Le sigh.

I got an e-mail from my sister. Basically, I've got to commandeer a car so I can go to Indiana and kill a certain douchebag. Sorry Pingo, you'll have to make due without your idiot of a father because I'm going to kill him. Or I could be nice and just maim him...but where's the satisfaction in that?

I won't say, just yet, what happened. I may not like the douchebag, but my sister loves him. So I will hold out hope that maybe things will get better for them. I believe in miracles. I don't know why my sister loves him, but she does. And they have a kid together. The last thing dumbass needs is 2 ex-wives that each have a kid with him.

What a dumbass. He needs to grow up.

It ruined my goddamn afternoon! (I went back to sleep after class and got up at 4...yeah, my roomie's still asleep seeing as she didn't got to bed until 7. We're totally college students.) And all after that lovely, fantastic, wonderful hockey game last night where the Red Wings stuffed the Penguins 3-1...again!

Oh well...I'm here for my sister. If she needs the help, I may go stay with her after I'm done with classes and before fall semester starts. Oooh....then she and I can go to the Budweiser factory and I can drink the nice, fresh bud light! Yeah for being 21!! OPTIONS!!!

Ok, so maybe this post is kind of happy.

Here's A Thought...How About I Write My Paper Instead Of Being On Facebook? Ultimate Procrastination At Its Laziest

I have class in 8 hours.
I'm still awake.
My paper is due in 8 hours.
I have 13 words...
and that's just the heading and title.
Shit son...
Facebook is the ultimate procrastination tool.
That and reading people's blogs.
And food.
I'm not even joking, I've gained about 5 pounds this weekend.
As evident in my ever expanding tummy.
I gain weight in my stomach.
It's my bodies joke on me.
Make me look pregnant so people look at me weird.
Thanks...thanks a lot body.
My roommate and I have this issue...
It's called staying up until 5 in the morning...
and then not waking up until noon (for me) or 4 (for her).
I can't help it.
I'm just not tired.
I'm hungry.
I'm cold.
But not tired.
Shit son.

I had the best hair style today...check it

Saturday, May 30, 2009

For The Love Of All That Is Good And Mighty, Screw Off!

There's this guy...he's a jerk and I don't like him. He dates a sweetheart friend of mine, which is the only reason I even bother talking to him.

He freaking ruined my night last night. It was my last few hours of my birthday and he starts a stupid argument about politics and Obama and then spends the rest of the night demanding to know why I don't like him and blah blah blah.

Just shut up and let me have my night.

He was also pissy because I didn't want to get drunk. I'm sorry, I was tired and I just wanted to relax, not get drunk.

I am allowed to do with my life as I please. Just because I'm not an alcoholic like you doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I just know that once I start drinking, its hard for me to stop. I dont like to put myself in that position so I try not to drink a lot.

He also wanted to know why I am the way I am. Apparently, I am very apprehensive and I don't answer questions in detail and whatever. I'm sorry, I barely know you, I'm not going to tell you my life story and why I am the way I am. Screw off.

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals starts tonight at 8. Go Red Wings!

And now I will leave you with a wonderful black and white photo by the wonderful Dirk Behlau

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...Burgandy? What's Next...

Yeah...that's me and my new haircut and color. I'm happy with how it looks. The cut is taking a bit to get used to. It's really short.

Really short.

I need to read for class and hockey is now on!

Let's Go Red Wings!!!

For Helvede! Bringing Back The 80s With My Wicked Haircut. It's Not Been This Short Since I Was A Kid.

My attention span is short. I am all over the place and my brain won't settle.

I got my haircut today!

That's right bitches. It's a short as shit. I'm going to take better pictures later...when my brain isn't so hopped up on the imaginary drugs it thinks its on. I swear to God...I can't think straight.

Class is going good. Last weekend was nice. Granted, I was sick up until Monday, so I was basically whining all weekend. But my Mutti took me to Ikea and we walked around. It's freaking awesome that we have an Ikea in West Chester. Ikea is one of the greatest stores ever. Is it sad that I'm at the point in my life where I was super excited about buying pots for my kitchen? Yeah...I'm an adult.

As I said, class is good. Reiko joined the class, so now my bestie is there! It's pretty awesome. Our first paper is due next monday (our last monday class), but its only 3-5 pages, so it will be easy. Ya know...once I start it.

I just talked with Dr. Canada and guess what?! I'm going to be a chair on a committee next semester at Model UN! As a chair, our hotel/conference/plane is all paid for by the school, so I will just have to pay for food and alcohol while I'm there! I also get to be there an extra few days, so life will be awesome!

My 21st is Friday! I would like my first legal drink to be a shot of tequila. I think I'll get Violent Pat to buy me my tequila so that right at midnight I can take a shot. That just means I need to get a lime to chase that shit. I'll have to get Mutti to give me some more money so I have enough to get me through for at least the next few weeks.

Hopefully I can go home next weekend. I won't have class that Monday, so I can get another 4 day weekend. Then I can get the rest of my b-day presents and find out what else I got. I opened my stuff from my mutti, far, Marine Chick, and Major Pain In The Ass. I got a Nightwish CD from MPITA and Curly (Century Child is an awesome CD! LOVE IT! Dank u weel!), I got The Art of War from Marine Chick, and a bunch of stuff from Mutti and Far. I got the Making Marines series on DVD, a set of penguin playing cards, a Poster of a Penguin Mommy, Daddy, and baby (it's so cute!!), and a pretty new shirt.

I can't wait to find out what else I got for my b-day.

It's nice rooming with Violent Pat. She and I have similar tastes in music, movies, and TV (and she likes Hockey!!!) so things are going good so far. Tonight the Wings are playing. She's not a wings fan, but she hates the Penguins as much as I do, so that definitely makes up for it. The fucking Penguins won last night which means they're going to the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm so pissed! Oh well, that just means they'll be twice as humiliated when the Red Wings kick their ass in the finals for the 2nd year in a row.

Screw the Penguins.

I'm trying to get back into learning Danish and Dutch. Dutch is actually coming along fairly well. Danish...not so much. Oh well, I'll keep at it and hope for the best. I've been talking with Violent Pat and I'm putting a lot of consideration into applying to grad schools abroad. Possible options are: Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Australia. Right now, Denmark and the Netherlands are my top two choices for outside of the US. Possible states in the US are: Texas...Texas...oh and Texas.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thanks To My Lovely Roommate I FInally Figured Out This Internet Shit And So Now I Can Sit In The Comfort Of My Own Apartment And Be On The Internet

So I finally got around to updating the blog. As you can see, its a Volbeat theme. I am totally in love with them and am openly mourning them not being American. If they were American, I'd have a chance to see them again. Who knows when I'll see them live again. But, since they are Danish, I can let them off the hook. I love Denmark!


Can you guess who I love the most? Yes, Michael and Thomas. To be fair, at both shows, I was in front of them, so naturally I took the most pics of them. Most of the ones I took of Jon and Anders came out shitty, sorry guys.

Also, the lyrics are from their song 'Radio Girl' which I highly recommend. 'For Helvede' means For Hell in Danish. Love it!

Class is going well so far. We watched a clip from The Simpsons, Happy Days, and we watched a joke about nostalgia. We don't have class today or tomorrow because the other guy in my class (yes, there are only 2 of us) is on the track team and they have nationals this week. So he left today (coincidentally, he is my neighbor) and so we don't have class. Tomorrow, my Mutti is coming to pick me up and I'm going home for the weekend since I also don't have class on Monday.


I am loving me some Red Wings! They are beating the Blackhawks 2-0 right now in the series. If they keep this up, we're going to the finals again! Interestingly enough, the Penguins are beating the Hurricanes, 2-0 in their series. If the Red Wings and Penguins win, it will be the second year in a row that the Wings and Penguins meet in the Stanley cup finals. Hopefully, it will be the 2nd year in a row that the Wings beat the Penguins in the Stanley cup finals.

Haha, that would be priceless!

So about Atlanta.

The drive down was ok. I freaked out for probably the first 3 or 4 hours and once I go about halfway through Tennessee, I calmed down. Atlanta wasn't as bad as I thought, but I still don't like it. I also don't like my GPS.

I met a few cool people in line. I saw Marco, Michael, Tuomas, Thomas, and Ewo. It was pretty cool because the buses were right next to the entrance for the club. BTW, I hate that club. I'll never go to another show there, I don't care who is playing. The ventilation sucks unless you're in the first row. There's no where to sit except on their nasty floor. Their bathroom is gross and had no soap. The people who work there were rude.

Also, pretty much everyone that went to that show (probably 90%) has no respect for people who are not feeling well. I almost threw up on people and passed out because I couldn't get out of the freaking crowd. I also got violently shoved by some douchebag as I tried to get out.

Volbeat was fucking fantastic! I started in the 4th row and thanks to the moshpit, ended up in the 2nd row! I love that band. They get so into their music and you can tell they are just having the time of their lives every show. Thomas and I had several eye locking moments. His facial expressions are the best! Michael and I locked eyes once and Anders and I locked eyes once. His was the best because his eyes went super wide and his jaw dropped cause I was rocking out to Pool of Booze. I loved it! Michael also seemed to get a kick out of me during Sad Man's Tongue cause I was screaming the words and was all over the place. I got to shake Michael and Thomas' hands, which was great. They're a great band and I would fucking love to see them live every night for the rest of my life.

After their set was when I started to feel awful. I finally got out of the crowd and eventually found the fucking bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and drank some and then headed back out. I couldn't get back to my spot, so I ended up going all the way to the back. Because of the way the Club is set up, if you're in the back, you don't get to see much. The stage is set so far down that you really only get a good view of the band if you're up front.

I stood for about 4 or 5 songs and then went out into the hallway because it was too fucking hot and I couldn't stand anymore. I made friends with this one girl and we talked for the rest of the show and hung out. It was nice to just listen to Nightwish and not deal with the ridiculous crowd.

I really didn't like most of the people I encountered at the Atlanta show. They were supreme douchebags, including the asshole who kept elbowing my ribs. I also want to say Fuck You to the douchebag security guy who stood in front of us during Volbeat and watched the assholes in the moshpit hurt people. Way to do your fucking job you fat fuck.

After the show, I left because I was too sick to stay. The drive back was sucky just because I felt so awful. All in all, it was worth it though. I got to see Volbeat give a kickass show and I got to hear Nightwish play Ghost Love Score.


Ya know, preferably to Cincinnati or somewhere else in Ohio. That doesn't take 7 hours to drive to.

Tak! Love you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Screw School and Screw This Stupid Apartment How Can There Be No Internet? That Makes No Sense Someone Save Me From This Hell Before I Murder Someone!

I've got to get back to my apartment because the room I am currently in is freezing (BTW, how is it that it's fucking cold as shit outside in May?!). My room is not that warm, but its much better than this ridiculous place and all other places on campus.

I'm back at school for class. I got on campus yesterday, moved in, only to realize that I forgot a shit ton of stuff. So we went to wal-mart to buy stuff and then we brought it back to my room and my parents left and I realized I still forgot stuff. Like sour cream for my potatoe skins. My roommate left yesterday shortly after I got there. She's not taking classes, she's just doing an internship before she leaves for France next month.

Which means I'm practically all alone in my big, beautiful, no internet apartment. I have a living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Does it surprise you that I slept on the floor last night? I'm sick right now. Either it's piggy-sniffles, a regular cold, or my allergy's are shitting a brick. Whatever it is, its kicking my ass. I have like 50 pages to read for tomorrow, except the books haven't come in yet, so I can't read.

Have I mentioned there's no internet in my room? That's so freaking ridiculous. I'm so pissed off.

However, Good news is that the Wings beat the Ducks and played their first game against Chicago last night, which they won! Yeah bitches! Totally going to the finals!

Well, I'm going to leave. I need to take some medicine and I need to sleep. I will leave the post about the concert with the many pics I took for another day. Or maybe later today if I feel like it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

25 Things I Hate About Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. I Am In Love With The Stor (Great) Volbeat and Nightwish!

First off, I am totally in love with Volbeat.

End of blog.

Ok, not the end of the blog, but I am in love with Volbeat. I cannot express to you how much I enjoy seeing them live. Love them!

Second, 25 Things I Hate About Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia

1. It rains too much in Kentucky.
2. As soon as I think I'm about to run into a Tornado in Kentucky, it stops raining and everything is sunny.
3. It takes way too long to drive through Kentucky.
4. I never even noticed I was in Tennessee until I hit some noticably Tennesseean town.
5. Tennessee takes way too long to drive through.
6. The only radio stations available in Tennessee are country stations and gospel.
7. It sucks to drive through 3 states (techically 4) when you have no CD player.
8. And the tape player is a bitch and all you have is Selena, The Carpenters and The Police.
9. Those are all good for only half an hour and then I'm done.
10. People don't know how to drive in Georgia.
11. Is it possible that we try to pay attention to what exit is coming up so that you aren't in the far left lane of 6 lanes of traffic when you realize your exit is coming up in 1000 feet?
12. GPS is stupid.
13. I heard a total of 6 good songs on the radio from 15 hours of being in the car.
14. So what if I didn't listen to the radio for the entire 15 hours, you try driving through the foothills of Kentucky and Tennessee and see if you can get a radio station.
15. In the middle of a horrible rainstorm!
16. People in Kentucky don't know how to drive in the rain.
17. Riding people's asses is not ok when it's raining heavily and there's a good 4 inches of rain on the road.
18. BACK OFF MY ASS ASSHOLE! I'm going 10 over, there's no reason to be pissed that I'm not doing 90 the entire drive!
19. I have a lead foot and this is a problem when driving down the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky because then I go from 80 to 90 very quickly.
20. People in Georgia who go to metal concerts are rude.
21. Driving in Atlanta is ridiculous.
22. Trying to scam me out of 5 bucks for parking? Screw you, I'll park on the street asshole.
23. The Georgia sun almost ruining a great evening.
24. Toilets not flushing in hotel rooms and you don't realize it until the next morning.
25. Forgetting to take pictures of Nightwish (more like I didn't take pictures because I was dying in the bathroom).

And the 1 thing I love about Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia:
1. They know its all Coke and not Soda, Pop, or Soda Pop. Get me a coke! Yes, I'd like a Sprite! Freaking Northerners don't know anything!

I will post my about night and post my pics tomorrow...when I'm not tired. God Abend (good night).

p.s. Danish is a great language.
p.p.s. In case you didn't know, I love Volbeat.
p.p.p.s. I have to go back to campus sunday :(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Just 8 Hours, I Will Be On My Way To Atlanta To Meet Up With Some Cool Ass People And Enjoy Two Very Kick Ass Bands And I Am So Excited!

Basically, the whole point of this blog is two fold:

1. I will be leaving for Atlanta at 7:30 am and will not be back home until around 6 pm or so on Friday.

2. I have the best parents in the world for letting me do this. I had to do some convincing, but I honestly think this experience is something I need. It's not so much about seeing the bands (although that's an extra 10 bonuses) but about leaving the house for 2 days by myself (and ya know, not having to steal a car or run away to do so) and all of that. This is the first time I will a.) drive a car for more than 3 hours and b.)be in the car by myself.

So I owe my parents a lot for this and I thank God I have the parents I do. They may be pains in my ass sometimes, but they let me get away with stuff no other parents would do and they let me do stuff and give me stuff that no other parents would.

So yeah, I will be back on Friday!

And I'll get back just in time to See Marine Chick, Birthday Stealer and Pingo. So excited!!

Thank you Far and Mutti. Ich liebe dich.

I'm Obsessing Over This Concert And How Happy I Would Be If I Could Go I Want One Last Chance To See Volbeat And Nightwish Live Please Pretty Please

I'm obsessing over this show in Atlanta. The cheapest hotel I found on is only $25 for one night, but you have to be 21 to check in. I'm not 21 yet, so IDK if they'd let me check in.

I'm looking all over the net to find a cheap hotel to convince my mom.

Dammit, I will go! I will go. It's the last happy thing I'll do for 8 weeks. The next 8 weeks are going to be hell. I need this. I want this. I will have this.

If I can go, there are soooo many people from the nightwish forum, it would be awesome to be able to finally meet other people from the forum! There were a few at the Louisville show, but IDK who they were until afterwards. It was comical.

I'm going to go get my Ohio drivers license today which means from today on, it is horizontal! WOOT! I'm an adult, yeah!

p.s. 16 days until I turn 21!!!!!!!
p.p.s. 1 day until the Nightwish show in Atlanta!!!!

What I Really Really Really REALLY REALLY REALLY Want For My Birthday...

When I saw Nightwish last Wednesday, my brother paid for my ticket as an early b-day present (BTW, Alice...).

What I'd really like for my birthday, besides my p.22 Walter and my tea set, is the chance to see Nightwish on Thursday in Atlanta. It's $26.80 for the ticket on (which, if you choose to let me go, I would have to order the ticket because it would have to be in my name so I could actually get in. Enter The Vault doesn't give hard tickets, you pick them up at the venue.) and then I would need a hotel for the night since it's an uber long drive from Cincy to Atlanta. Plus, someone would have to let my mom relenquish the van for the 2 days and I would need money for gas. Now, I can pay for the ticket myself. What I need is money for the hotel and gas. I can't explain how much I want to go.

The Atlanta show is the last show of the US tour for Nightwish. It will most likely be another 2, maybe even 3 years before Nightwish returns for a tour in the US. The Louisville show was, for me, the chance to experience Nightwish live for the first time. The Atlanta show would be about meeting up with people I've made aquantiance with on the forum and about just enjoying the show and not focusing on taking millions of pictures (BTW, all of my pics from the show are up on my facebook account) and hopefully, I could meet Volbeat and Nightwish.

So, if family is reading this, it would be seriously awesome to get a hotel for the night and gas money (and, ya know, convince mom and dad to let me go) so I can see Nightwish.

Plus, it'd be my first time going somewhere far away by myself. I need the practice, because in case you didn't know, I plan on moving to Texas after I graduate from university. That means I'll probably be driving from Ohio to Texas, most likely by myself. Or with my mom. But basically by myself. So this trip down to Atlanta for 2 days would be my chance to see what its like and to start to truly be an adult.


So..ya know...please?

I saw Star Trek with my far (that means Father in Danish, its my new name for my Dad) and his friends from school/work. It was pretty much the best movie of the year! Go see it if you haven't yet. On Sunday, for Mother's Day, my mutti, my far, my far's friend Zombie Killer #1, his mom, and I, went shooting out at the range. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Although, one of the sights on my far's rifles was not cooperating, so that was pissing him off. Other than that, a very productive day at the range.

The Wings lost tonight so they pretty much suck in my mind right now. On Saturday, it's Firebird's 23rd birthday. Hopefully, Marine Chick and her kids will come over and we'll go out to eat.

I go back to school on Sunday. 8 weeks of hell. Ugh....4 days a week of the same class for 2 hours a day. Not cool.

p.s. In 17 days, I will be 21!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Keep All Of You Happy...Here Are A Few Pics From Louisville

Here are a few of my pics from the Nightwish show in Louisville on May 6, 2009 (with Volbeat as their opening act). The pics are in reverse order, so I would suggest going to the bottom and working your way up.

Tuo, at the endo fthe show. Marco and Emppu with their backs turned. Anette and Jukka walking away.

Marco, Tuo, Anette, John, Jukka, and Emppu. Love them!

Tuo during "Wish I Had An Angel". Glorious! This was right after I threw the rock hand at him, he caught my eye, gave a huge smile and threw one back! I love this band!

Marco, Emppu and Anette during "Wish I Had An Angel"

Isn't he adorable?!

I will say that I am almost done. I know I said a few...this is my version of a few.

Marco talking while Emppu sits in the background and contemplates things.

Tuo and John Two-Hawks hugging after "Creek Mary's Blood". AWESOME SONG!

John and Anette during "Creek Mary's Blood".

John at the start of "Creek Mary's Blood". I'm so glad he was at the Louisville show!

Emppu, right in front of me. This was probably before he threw the pick that went over my head. It was mine. We had eye contact. It was MINE! I curse whoever has it.

I have nothing left to say.

Emppu! Probably taken right before he threw his pic to someone, only to miss them entirely. It happens often with Emppu. But we love him all the same.

Tuo, Emppu and Marco

Emppu hanging out during "The Poet and The Pendulum", I believe. Actually, I don't even know.

This picture was taken to show you the rainfall that comes from Tuo's head as he headbangs. Do you see that?

Anette during "The Islander" only live once. Read this from top to bottom (which is essentially, backwards). Do it, I dare you.

Marco dazzled with "The Islander". Beautiful song.

Marco, Emppu, and Anette.

This shot was to show you the various things on Tuo's chain. It didn't come out that well.

Tuo, Emppu, and Anette interact.

Marco Hietala! God among men.

Just...start at the bottom of this blog...please.

Anette is so gorgeous!

Emppu rocking out.

I started out right in front of Marco (who is always next to Tuo) and ended the concert by being right in front of Tuo. No better place to rock out.

The blonde guy is Ewo, the manager for Nightwish. Hilarious guy.

This is Edward Scissorhands. He is on front of Tuo's front keyboards. Next to the Overworked and Underfucked sticker. Really Tuo? You are, after all, the Maestro. Women love you. But I like to believe this just means that you don't sleep with just anyone. Good guy. The type of guy that you could bring home to mutti and dad, minus the dreadlocks, the sticker, and the eyeliner.

Huh...suddenly the second set of pics I post have appeared at the top. Stupid blogspot. This whole thing is now out of order. Read from the bottom up. NOW!

That would be Captain Jack Sparrow on one of Tuo's keyboards. Awesome.

Oh...that would be Michael (refresher: lead singer of Volbeat, a kick ass Danish band) combing his hair. Apparently someone mentioned to him that it had gotten a bit funky looking (see below).

That is Anders, the guitarist or bassist (I think bassist) for Volbeat. This was one of the only decent pics of him that I took. The other ones all look like we're starring in some horror movie that deforms people when you take pics of them. I'd show you, but I deleted them from my computer.

More Michael with messed up hair. This was before he combed it. Blogspot...really? Must we put them in reverse order? Maybe I'll get smart and switch them. But I'm lazy and hockey starts in a couple of minutes. Let's Go Red Wings! (by the time this blog was posted, the game had ended. We won, 6-3! HAHA!) Oh, btw...notice his beautiful J.R. Cash tattoo. This guy is awesome! I've only just realized you can't see the J.R. Cash tattoo. Rest assured, it's there.

This is the guitarist for Volbeat, Thomas (or maybe it's spelled Tomas). I adore him simply for the wonderful faces he makes during songs. He mouthed pretty much all the words and was in this gig like 200%. BTW, Michael kept prouncing Louisville as it looks (lewis ville) when its actually pronounced Lew-e-ville. Love the Danish!

These are in the reverse order. Stupid blogspot. I swear, these were the first five pics I uploaded.
This would be the sexiness that is the lead singer of the opening band, Volbeat. Volbeat is a Danish band and now rank #3 on my list of obsessions. Before them? Nightwish and Penguins. Congratulations Volbeat and Michael Poulsen, you now have yourselves a new fantatic. Check out his hair. This is what happens when you headbang.

This is Jukka, the drummer for Nightwish (DUH!), signing my MCD cd booklet. I believe that is my poster sitting in front of him, having already signed it. That would be the loveliness that is Tuomas Holopainen, the keyboardist for Nightwish (Double Duh!), sitting next to Jukka.

Beautiful Anette, the singer for Nightwish (triple duh!) with Jukka next to her. Anette was talking to the guy in front of my brother, I believe. Or maybe it was my brother. IDK. I just know she was talking to someone. She is so gorgeous, makes me jealous. Ohio <3s>

And there is Mr. Marco Hietala, the bassist for Nightwish (another Duh!) and the lovable, adorable, cute Emppu Vuorinen, the guitarist for Nightiwish (do I really need to say Duh, Again? No, but apparently I need to randomly capitalize Letters.) signing stuff for my brother.

OMG, who is that? IDK, my BFF Marco Hietala. WTF Marco, I can't believe you smoke. LOL at all the acronym thingys. IDK if that's what you really call them. BTW, just so you realize, this is a pic of Marco smoking before the show was even close to starting. I was sitting in my van with my bro when I look out and see Marco. I took a few pics and I didn't tell anyone. HAHAHA!