Friday, July 31, 2009


All I have to say is my far is one grumpy motherfucker.

And my farfar is one big douchebag.

I think that's why my far is so grumpy. Does that mean I'm going to be grumpy with my kids and they'll be grumpy with theirs? I don't want this cycle to continue. I don't want to snap at my kids when all they say is "Hi Dad". Oh man, what a crime, your fucking son said hi. Call the fucking cops.

It's the one thing I can't stand about my far. He gets angry and moody so easily. It's like one thing goes wrong and he's pissed off for the rest of the day and takes it out on us. I can't tell you how many times I've been yelled at for the littlest things because he was already pissed off. I hate it. It's pretty much the reason I can't wait to move out and be away from his moodiness. It's gotten worse since he started college. I get it. Maybe I don't get how frustrating it is to have to go to school and have a job (although I kind of do, on a smaller level), but I know how fucking frustrating it is to be in school.

I just wish he'd get his freaking temper under control and not snap at us. I pray to God I do not do that with my kids.

Yeah, I'll say it now, I don't want to be like my parents (mostly). If I could just inherit all the positive things and none of the negative things, that would be great, thanks. Just leave all the drama.

I've had enough drama over the last 21 years to last me a lifetime, thanks. I want my kids to reach 21 and go "Jesus Christ, we had fucking boring lives. My mom is the greatest though. No one rocks harder than her." And then we'll just call it a day.

I don't want to continue the drama like my parents have. I want my kids to be so fucking normal it hurts.

Ya know, except for the whole being the child of the President.

High hopes, ya'll, I got high hopes.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Manic Monday

I had a dentists appointment this morning. Ugh...I do not like that dental assistant. Seriously, why do you think my gums are bleeding? Maybe it has something to do with the extremely sharp tool you're jamming in there. Bitch.

I have to go back tomorrow to get some cavities filled. Yippee...

In other news, I dyed my hair Red Hot today. It turned out very well, if I do say so myself. I think I'll touch up my roots later this week.

Being as home is as boring as I hoped it would be. Besides having to get up early today and tomorrow, things are good so far.

Next weekend the new outlet mall opens and it has a Hugo Boss store which, with any luck, will become my new favorite store :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sonata Arctica will be in Louisville on October 17th! I'm so excited and I can't wait to go!

I am in absolute love with Full Moon, it's an amazing song and I demand you listen to it:



Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tillykke med fodselsdagen Pingo!!

Happy 1st birthday to my wonderful nephew Pingo!! Despite all the crap going on with your mor and far, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Today was my last day of class. I'M FREE!! For four weeks, at least.

Tennis starts soon and I won't be there. It kind of sucks. But I'd rather be a lazy bitch for the next four weeks than do something for free that gets me nowhere.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, as if my year couldn't get any better! Epica just announced they will be headlining a tour in the U.S. with Blackguard as their opener! Shitastic!! They will be in Cleveland on February 3rd. Either I attend that show or truck my ass down to Atlanta on February 28th since I'll be on Spring Break. I suppose it's possible, as long as CPAC isn't going on, that my parents might let me go to Atlanta. Although I fucking hate the Masquerade and would like to avoid that place like the plague.

Ugh, I'm not looking forward to standing outside in the fucking snow. Ah, fuck Cleveland. This show will be my first time to Cleveland. Fuck, if I can survive Atlanta, I think I'll be golden in Cleveland.

I'm so excited! I'll be ordering my Volbeat/Metallica ticket within the next week or so! Oh, my loves!! I can't wait to see Volbeat again! I hope Rammstein plans a US tour soon!! And Flogging Molly needs to get their asses back here!

I am now addicted to concerts! I wonder if anyone I know will be in Cincy over the next four weeks...hmm...

I'm home in three days!!!

The Nose...Smells...My Stomach...Hurling

Today I'd like to talk about smells. I have pretty much always been someone with a strong sense of smell. If I don't like the way food smells, I won't usually eat it. I'm very big on smells.

So that brings me to today. For some reason, I was all about smells today. I think it started with the stupid spoiled milk that I had to dump out over the weekend. I smell everything now and when I say everything I mean everything that smells awful. The entire time I sat in class today all I could think about was how bad everything smells.

Because of this, I had a horrible headache, actually I still have a horrible headache, and my stomach has been churning all day. I really feel like I need to hurl a very violent, yet relieving, hurl. Ya know, that hurl that before hand you feel like death has warmed over and afterwards you feel like you're ready to drink some more? Yeah, I need a relieving hurl. I pretty much feel like shit and I would love to lean over the toliet and let it all go. Hey, dude, don't talk to me about overshare, this is my blog, I'll talk about puke if I want to.

Also, it's been way too long since I threw up after a night of drinking. While some may think that's amazing, I think that means I just haven't gone all the way in way too long. I still remember Kermit's epic throw-up that somehow made it behind the toliet and even on the plunger. How does that shit happen? That's like texts from last night epic. It doesn't happen often but when it does, its epic.

BTW, if you don't already know them, here are some bands you should check out:

The Misfits [when Danzig was the singer, although I love Dig Up Her Bones], Danzig [especially How the Gods Kill and Mother], Volbeat, and DevilDriver.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called my mom after class today to tell her about my fun times trapsing around in Rock Creek and she told me I got a package. I told her to open it, cause she said it was from france and I was all 'WTF, what did I order that came from France?' so she opened it and it was MY MICHAEL POULSEN PIN-UP!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy, as you can see. I can't wait to put it up in my apartment at school in the fall. Sexiness....ooooo

This is the picture, in case you were wondering:

This is the perfect start to my weekend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Totally Not Interested In Anything At The Moment...Not Even My Beloved Volbeat...Ok, Only Volbeat Can Get My Attention

We did a genetics lab today in class and pricked our fingers to find out our blood type. Turns out I'm type O which means if I ever need a blood transfusion, they can give me anything. Woot, woot.

I'm so tired and just generally not interested in anything at the moment.

Yeah, except for Volbeat. They seem to be the only thing that can keep my attention at the moment. I need my head cleared!

I totally have the theme song for The Nanny stuck in my head which is weird cause I haven't watched it in a while.

I never said I was sane.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

BREAKING NEWS...ISSUE NUMBER 1 IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!! ISSUE NUMBER TWO SUCKS, BUT I'M TOO EXCITED ABOUT ISSUE NUMBER 1 TO CARE! get back from class, take a short nap, then walk to the pit stop to get some soda. I come back, get on the computer, check out to find out that VOLBEAT'S GOING TO BE IN THE U.S. THIS FALL!!! That's right bitches...Volbeat is opening up for Metallica in several dates in October, November and December. And guess what? THEY'RE GOING TO BE IN GRAND RAPIDS ON NOVEMBER 9TH!!! I'M GOING TO GET TO SEE VOLBEAT AGAIN!!!

Sadly this means I won't be getting my tattoo anytime soon since I now need to save up for Volbeat CDs, shirts and the ticket. But it's totally fracking worth it. Volbeat and Metallica in one night? HELL YES!! FOR HELVEDE!!!

God is totally on my side.

So what's issue number 2, you ask? My farfar (my dad's father) had a heart attack. Apparently he's fine, but this just brings up so many issues in my family seeing as most of my farfar's kids hate him. I, personally, don't like the bastard. I'm glad to hear he's ok, but I doubt this near death experience will change him at all.

And like I said, I'm too freaking excited to care!!!


I'm going to go now...November can't come soon enough!