Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photography Portion of the Class

We're in the photography portion of my graphic design class, which is my current favorite part. I love taking photos.

One of our projects was we had to take 5 self-portraits.

Picture 1 had to be a soft photo (slightly blurry)

Picture 2 had to be a sharp Black and White Photo.

Picture 3 had to be me looking down at someone. I had a better idea for this but no one would help me :(

Picture 4 had to be me looking up at someone. Again, I had a great idea for this, but no one would help me. all of the pictures I took today didn't look good, but luckily I found this in my collection, so I think it should work.

Picture 5 he told us to be creative as we want to be. So this is what I did, hopefully it works:

I'd like to give you a proper update on my life. But, well, besides ordering my cap and gown and my class ring, nothing really has happened lately.

Oh, BTW, Repo: The Genetic Opera is AMAZING!!! I <3 Graverobber.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Don't Need Your Drama, I've Got Enough Of Mine

Hey, you there, on the nightwish forum, bite me.

I've been doing forums for like 5 years now. I think my very first forum was either evanescence of the Sims. I have never, ever, been warned or anything. I've always been really nice, helpful, and sometimes, even liked. At least, I think I was liked on the sims forum back in the day. I was a skinner, so I made skins for people and I did requests, so I think I was kind of popular.

But then comes this new nightwish forum and all of a sudden, I am the biggest bitch that only a couple of people seem to like and noone really talks to me and it just sucks. the forum sucks balls now. It used to be pretty cool, but now I can't stand it. The people on, mostly, suck.

Maybe I'm just too cynical at this point in my life to be apart of something like that. I don't trust anything anyone writes and I think most people are just douchebags.

Fuck the nightwish forum. Bye bye.

p.s. yes, I'm attempting to work on my new layout. It's a slow process, bite me.
p.p.s. did I ever mention I got my VIP ticket for Epica in February? I just hope Alice gets hers so we can go together! Epica would not be the same if she is not there to enjoy it with me!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the middle of a facelift

As you might see, for the whole 1 of you who actually reads my blog, I am in the middle of redoing my blog. My stupid photoshop is being douchey, so it will take longer than I had originally hoped, but hopefully by tomorrow the changeover will be complete.

Until then, enjoy the awkardness that is the final moments of Where The Storm Meets the Ground. Which, btw, is an amazing song by The Storm. YouTube it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh Hai, Over react much? K, thanx, bye!

Today is the end of my very enjoyable three day weekend. What did I do for labor day weekend? Well, my wonderful roommate Alice had an extra ticket for Cedar Point and was kind enough to invite me to go with her. Also, her family owns a trailer in Port Clinton and so her parents and her brother would be joining us (or us joining them) for some wonderful labor day weekend festivities.

We drove over on Friday evening and we watched some TV and just settled in. We did visit with some of their friends that night as well. On Saturday, Alice and I went to Cedar Point where I had an amazing time. We rode Millenium Force (where I lost part of my soul and almost got mangled by someone's water bottle that popped out over a hill. BTW, just so you know DON'T TAKE A WATER BOTTLE ON A ROLLERCOAST. K, thanx.), Magnum, Gemini 3 times, Paddlewheel 2 times (Alice used to work there), the Mine Ride, Raptor and Blue Streak. I had a great time, as I said, despite the bruises on my legs, arms, and back. Blue Streak, gemini and the mine ride are all really old, so I bounce around a lot in their wooden coasters. Ouch.

We left about 5 and then headed back to the trailer where we sat around and watched some TV after going on a liquor run for some people. On Sunday, we went to Netty's for lunch, then went to the lighthouse in Marblehead, and then headed back to the trailer park. We had a huge cookout with some of their amazingly funny friends. Alice and I satyed until about 8 or so and then we headed back to her trailer where we watched some more TV and worked on some stuff for NaNoWrMo.

Then this morning we woke up for breakfast at 9 with some friends and had a pretty lazy morning before driving back to campus at noon. All in all, I adore Alice's family because they are hilarious. And, I'm sure she'll tease me for saying so, but Alice's brother is pretty cute. I just thought I'd mention for all who care.

He reminds me of my brother in that he likes to pick on me. haha, he thought it would be funny to start saying shit about the red wings, which got me going. It was comical. He's such a typical brother, haha.

But yeah. I didn't get much homework done, but I had an awesome weekend. I love hanging out with Alice and her family and their friends at Port Clinton. I hope I get a chance to do it again before I graduate.

tonight, I am going to head over to Afro's apartment to hang out with him and Ice and watch some football. Yeah!