Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Only Thing Worse That Could Happen Is I Could Have the Swine Flu Or Some Other Deadly Disease

I'm to the point where dropping out of college is becoming more and more appealing. Sadly, I am not joking about that. Within the next couple weeks, particularly while being at home this weekend, a decision will have to be made. It's becoming more and more clear that the idea of me graduating of May is passing farther and farther away from my reach.

I hate that I'm so close and yet graduation is out of my reach. I should have known that since it seemed like I had everything under control that everything is not under control. So what do I do? I do intend on getting my degree. I won't come this close to it and never get it, but I'm thinking I will drop out and get a job doing something and then go back later, in a year or something, and finish my last year. But honestly, at this point, I want nothing more to do with this ridiculous school. I don't want to give them the satisfaction of adding me to the list of people who have graduated with a degree from their institution.

I don't know what I would do for a job if I drop out. Maybe the military? I don't know anymore. It's weird, but it seems like whenever I'm at school, I have the strong desire to be in the military, but when I go home, I lose that desire. I don't think I want to be an officer, but I think I'd like to be in the military. But then that means no Denmark for Grad school :( But with the money I'd make in the military I could save up and then go there for a vacation one year. IDK.

I just really don't have the desire to be at this ridiculous school anymore.

Today I found out that I've somehow overlooked the fact that I need to take POL 408 to graduate. How is it that while planning my class schedule for the last three years that I've managed to skip that class? HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE? This makes no sense. And, of course, the class is only given in the fall. Oh and it's during my history class. Sure, I could drop my history class and add my POL 408 but I need that history class.

I just don't care anymore. And I don't mean about getting my degree. I want nothing more to get my degree, but I just don't care about this ridiculous school anymore. I don't want to give them anymore money. I don't want to give them my service. I don't want to be here anymore.

So what do I do? I suppose I could transfer...but to where? I just don't know what to do. And I know what my parents will say. They will tell me to tough it out and do what I have to get my degree. I only have 9 months left.

But that's not what I want. I don't want to be here anymore. Everyday for the past five days I've wanted to just bawl my eyes out because nothing is going right. It's like the world has conspired against me. I'm so thoroughly unhappy here. I don't like any of my classes. I am so pissed that this stupid school won't accept my science class and that I have to appeal one of my grades and that I never knew I need POL 408 despite the fact I've been meticulously planning every semester since I was freshman. I hate that I can never get into my dorm because the stupid key system doesn't work and I that don't have a job. I hate that I still have to finish that stupid research methods class and I have to write that stupid issue for Model UN and I have to be president of a club that no one cares about. I just don't care anymore.

I'm done.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'd Like to Tell You A Story About A Girl Who Had a Mild Panic Attack At School and Murdered Half the Campus...

But that would be a false story.

I have to perform in my espionage class with 3 other people on Friday. Our class has been split into 8 groups and we each have a different part of the "spy finding a mole" process. Our part is the "Handling" of information. I play the Washington policy-maker who informs the spy of what we need from the mole.

I hate talking in front of groups and performing in front of people.

I know, how can I be a politician if I can't speak in front of people? Well, when I'm talking about something I enjoy, like politics, then its easy for me to speak in front of people.

This is why I never did acting.

Well, espionage should be fun though.

My other classes suck, although I haven't had Capstone yet, but judging by the fact we have 5 books, I'm going to bet it sucks.

I'm still trying to decide if I really want to go to Sonata Arctica or not. Its only $16 for the ticket, but I'm trying not to spend my money so much. Plus I need to buy my VIP ticket for Epica and my $40 Volbeat shirt before the show in November. So much to buy so little money!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School And Pissed Beyond Belief Already. New High Score!

So today is the first day of classes of the new year. I moved back to this ridiculous school on saturday and have discovered that this school is more fucked up than ever. First of all, we have hardly any shelving in our room. wtf? Oh and my friends room on the 3rd floor gets a bench in the shower, but we don't despite the fact this is supposed to be a handicapped room.

oh, rite, i see what you did thar. AND FUCK YOU.

Then I discover that the school will not accept my Environmental science class as one of my science requirements because when I was a freshman, ENS 101 was a BIO class, thus since I took Bio Lab, ENS 101 does not count. Oh really? I AM NOT TAKING ANOTHER FUCKING SCIENCE CLASS DOUCHEBAGS.

Oh and I still will need 18 credits. So next semester, I have to take 18 credits which is about 6 classes. Did I mention I'll have to pay extra for that 6th class despite the fact the online registry tells us we're allowed 18 credits? Haha, I totally get it. AND ANOTHER FUCK YOU!

And then, ya know, I can't get my fucking computer updated all weekend so this is the first time I've been on the internet since friday. Fucking retarded system.

And then today, I lose my id! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY ID. I can't get into my building, I can't eat in the lunchroom or the cafe, and I can't buy my books. WHY GOD, WHY?

I am just beyond pissed and beyond stressed and I am this | | close to crying and then taking a gun to the stupid college hall (just kidding, I'd never kill them. that would be letting them off to easily).

Oh, and did I mention after that for four years of school, it costs over $100,000? And it's not even that great of an education.

Swear to God, after I become famous, I'm telling everyone to stay away from this fucking school. It's not worth the crap you go through in the four years here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Post Number 50-OMG, Let's Get Some Shoes!

These are my new shoes. I love them like I have never loved a pair of shoes before. my life is complete!

And this is the new hairstyle I've been working on. It's a pathetic mohawk with a curl at the end that doesn't like to curl. I need to get my hair trimmed and then maybe it'll work a bit better.

My mutti and I are going to Fort Knox tomorrow to see Marine Chick, Curly, and the kids. I'm so happy! I miss my sister so much!!

I sold 3 textbooks on amazon so i made $186!! YES!!! Life is good!!

I think my next design may be slipknot. Or, IDK.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Show Must Go On: Preparing For Senior Year

This won't just be any senior year. This will be my final senior year. I did my senior year of high school. Now I must complete my senior year of college. Like high school, this senior year will end in a commencement ceremony where I will walk across a stage and be handed my diploma. But this isn't just any diploma. This is a diploma from a University. This is a diploma that says for the last four years I worked my butt off against diversity and sexism and liberal hate. No, the diploma won't actually say it, but when I accept that diploma with my beautiful name on it, that's part of what I have fought against these past four years. Among other things, such as jackass frat boys who think they're important and bitchy sorority girls who think hazing is fun and brings everyone closer.

In a week from tomorrow I will move back to my loser school to live with my cool roommate Alice who will be kind and deal with my obsession with Volbeat which will become too much to handle in November and then will cool a tiny bit around December, but will explode yet again should they choose to return to the states anytime in 2010 or if I get accepted to Roskilde and I move to Denmark for two years.

In a week from Monday I start classes and work. Let's take a look at the classes I will be taking, shall we? Let's start with remidial fucking Math (because I'm an idiot). Yes, for a semester I shall have learn all the basics of math or whatever the fuck they teach in that horrid excuse for a class. Then I have Art and Espionage (which is taught by a former CIA agent, how cool is that?) because I need a Cor300 class and it's a Cor300 class, and the coolest one, if I do say so myself. And there's Grapic Design, which better involve photography or I will be upset. There's the Origin of the American Republic, which will be my last history class (which means once I pass that, I technically have complete my minor! WOOOO). It will also be my last class with Dr. White Castle, which is sad as he was so very funny. And my last class is Capstone in Political Science, which is my senior level Poli Sci class. It's not my last poli sci class (I still have to take War & Peace in the spring) but it will be the most challenging poli sci class I've had to take in my four years at college. If its not, you can be certain I'll be sticking my tongue out at a certain Canadian professor in defiance.

As well as classes, I will also be working two jobs. I will return to being a secretary in a certain office for a certain Dean (and I'm sure I'll be racking up the paper cuts this year as well). I will also be working as an editor of some sort on the school newspaper. It helps that my roommate Alice is the head of the paper. She's so cool. Ha, it pays to be friends with people in high places. Oh shit man, I'm totally going to make an awesome politican! Look, I'm already using my friends to get me places! (joking...and like all of my so called friends aren't going to use me when I'm President, not that Alice is a so called friend. She's a really good friend of mine, one of my best friends and I'm not actually using her to get the job. SHIT, why am I writing a disclaimer? Fuck you if you don't get my sarcasm and get away from my blog!)

Uh...anyways. I'm also going to start my third year of being President of College Republicans. This year the hardest thing is going to be finding my replacement for when I graduate. There are just no other dedicated republicans on campus. It's so sad. Not just anyone can be President. It takes a lot.

And I am also involved in a new sorority on campus, so that's going to keep me pretty busy. We've got so much to do within the first couple weeks of being on campus, I'm going to be so stressed out, but knowing that I have so many wonderful women working alongside me, I know everything will work out just fine! But like I said, it's going to keep me so busy!

And, ya know, it takes a lot to obsess over Volbeat. That's almost a full time job in and of itself. But, I'm certain, when November comes, I'll make them proud. They'll hear me screaming and she me rocking out, even up in row 201! And I'm also pretty stoked about seeing Metallica too. I wonder if they ever play St. Anger. I like certain parts of the song, just not the whole thing. Oh, they better play One! And Nothing Else Matters. And Master of Puppets. And Enter Sandman, of course. Fade to Black, hopefully. Oh, and Sad But True.

November 9=Best Day Ever!

If I could meet Metallica, that would be great. Major Pain in the Ass was once a huge Metallica fan. It would be cool if I could send him just a picture of me with Lars or James for christmas. Haha, that would be a great gift. God jule MPITA, from Metallica and your dear youngest sister, aka Future President of the U.S.

Vote for Me!

Anyways...For the last oh, IDK, 20 hours or so, I've been listening to a lot of Slipknot. I had been listening to a mix of Volbeat, The Storm, Danzig, The Misfits, Lasgo, Milk Inc, Spinnerette, and Sylver, but I decided Slipknot was what I wanted and now I can't turn them off. I don't mean I don't know how, I mean I've really missed Slipknot (it's been years since I've listened to them) so I'm kind of soaking them up. Dont worry, I'm not ignoring my beloved Volbeat, I throw in some VB every once in a while, but it's mostly Slipknot for now. Good stuff.

New layout coming soon. I'm working on a new design.