Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Still Here

I'm still here. I've finally finished the first draft of my royalty book. I had already started editing, but now the whole thing is done. Now I can focus on editing it & making sure everything is properly sourced (which is the real drag). The book will be released on February 22nd.

I will be heading back to work in March (hopefully) or April and will be doing so with a raise. I really look forward to be being back at work. Although it's frustrating to see how sad education is in the US, I really enjoy the work I do. Plus I get to work with some really nice people. And the paycheck is lovely.

I am going to try to take my mom to D.C. in September. Hopefully I will be able to save enough money to do that. Between my new book, work, & selling things on ebay, I am not worried. Next year, I am planning to go to Austin with a friend for a convention. It'll be nice to go back to Texas & it'll be interesting to go to my first convention.

Besides that, there are several concerts I want to go to this year (hopefully more get announced) and I am hoping to get up to Michigan a couple of times. There's plenty to do, so hopefully it all will work out.

Time to get back to editing & sourcing.