Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I've had a lot of teachers in my 17 1/2 years of school. There are only four that have made a direct and wonderful impact on my life.

The first one was my 1st & 2nd grade teacher Miss Whelan. She made school fun. I loved to come to her class and learn. She is probably the one that got me on the path to writing.

The next one was my 8th grade science teacher Mr. Collins. I had to move to Michigan for the 2nd half of 8th grade to live with my Aunt & Uncle, so I was only in his class for 6 months, but they were important 6 months. Those months were the most confusing months of my life, but I loved his class. Science was never my thing, but I never dreaded going to his class. I had fun and enjoyed my time with him. He was also very nice to me, which was something I needed since I was in a new school in a whole new state. Especially because of why I had to move. My two younger cousins both had him as a science teacher and he is still at the middle school. He continues to ask after me & my cousins & was very proud to hear I am now a published author.

The next one was my Legends & Literature teacher my senior year of high school. Mr. Ridder was such a fun teacher. He dressed up & made the class so exciting to go to each day (as if reading Tolkien, Rowling, & Lewis wasn't exciting enough). He was the teacher that made me want to be a teacher. That didn't work out, but I do still feel excited about sharing knowledge with people, which is partly why I want to write.

The last one is probably the one that the most impact on my life: Dr. Marc O'Reilly. I went into college as an Education Major and took Intro to Poli Sci my first semester. Within a month or so, I had decided I wanted to be a Poli Sci major. All because of Dr. O'Reilly. Talk to anyone that's been at that school and they'll probably mention how people make fun of him & how tough his classes are. I had him almost every semester (sometimes for multiple classes in a semester) and I loved every minute. I just regret not trying harder. I wish I could have been a better student for him. He was such a good teacher and I miss being in his classes.

I like to learn. I wasn't a fan of school, but I liked learning. Ok, I liked learning about history, politics, & English. I wish everyone could have had teachers like these four. They made class fun and interesting.

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  1. Your experience with Dr. O'Reilly was about the same I had with Dr. Wahlstrom...though I admit, I really enjoyed the classes I took with both O'Reillys. I think it is the teachers who challenge you and can make the learning process a fun and engaging one that have the most impact on your development as both a student and a person.