Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have I Mentioned I Write?

So today I got a stack of books from the library. They're all royalty books. Although now that I have them, I realizing I need so much more. Yikes.

I was going to go through the books and get the info I need. However, I'm supposed to be reading/editing one of Danielle's books. I was supposed to do that last weekend but somehow it was Friday and then it was Tuesday and I don't know what happened to my weekend. All I know is I'm a terrible friend.

NaNoWrimo starts tonight and I'm ready for that. But I've got this book to edit and my book to write and OH MY GOD WHEN DID OCTOBER END? I swear just yesterday I had two more weeks in October.

Basically, this is a post where I complain about my procrastination and then cry bitterly about everything I've put on my plate.

Ah, life.

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  1. lol...yes, you're a horrible friend, haha. It's okay. I am hoping to finish Soul-Bound at the write-in for my region today so I should be able to send you the last two chapters soon. And as long as you can get your commentary to me by mid-December then you're still the best friend a girl could ask for.