Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybellene...oh I'm so sorry

My prof violently ripped apart Maybellene's hips today in class.*

It was not very cool. We had our first bio test today. I think I passed, but jeez, it was ridulous! Now we're talking about cells. I hate biology.

I watched a very good movie last night, its called Nights in Rodanthe. Reiko and I went to see it when it came out in theaters and I cried like a baby. Last night was no different. I started my night off by watching The Ruins, a supposedly scary movie. It was a really good movie, a bit gross, but not as scary as I was expecting. Then I watched Nights in Rodanthe and bawled. And I finished my night by watching Sin City. Very good movie!

Today, I am going to watch Deadliest Catch on Discovery. I love that show. My whole family does. Other than that, I will work on my paper and try to find an article for class on thursday.

My mutti is coming to get me on Thursday. I will be home for fourth of july, which will be nice. Maybe I could secretly get my tattoo this weekend ;) haha, doubt it, but we'll see.

I feel like a nap is a good thing to do, but I am also hungry. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I had steak last nigt :) it was so good! I also had steak two nights ago and I still have one more left to cook! I will eat that tomorrow to go with my muffins and green beans I will also make. Yummy. My mutti says she will give me corn and green beans from our garden when I am home this weekend so next week I will have fresh and delicious corncobs and long fresh, delicious green beans. Yummy!!

*It wasn't actually violently, it just sort of sounded like it. It was violent when he pulled both of her legs back to arch her pelvis up so he could find all of her anatomy parts underneath bigger anatomy parts. Sad times :( Thursday will be my last day with Maybellene. That's when we take our practical to see how much we have learned. I took a picture of Maybellene today on my cell phone, I will post it soon.

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