Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday, I loved You Like Gold...Not Like The Monday, You Passed Like a Ghost

I'm trying to make a new graphic for up above. Nothing is striking me though...I need inspiration.

Until then...

I'm home for the weekend. Tomorrow my mutti is taking me back to school. I need to write my paper tonight on the Boondsock Saints. I could always write my papers on my favorite movies and celebrities, that would make school so much better. I think if I end up teaching, I'm going to try to relate my classes to pop culture. Maybe that way kids will like Politics.

Yeah...I'm still very much into Volbeat. Ya can't stop them!

I've got like 5 grad schools that I will be applying to. Only 2 of them are in the states. The other three are in Europe. WOOHOO!!

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