Monday, June 1, 2009

I Want To Write Something Happy...But Since I Feel Like Killing A Certain Douchebag, You're Gonna Get A Non-Happy Post

First of all, you'll be happy to hear that I finished my paper at 6am and thus got 3 and a half hours of sleep before I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed at 9:30. 20 minutes to get ready. Le sigh.

I got an e-mail from my sister. Basically, I've got to commandeer a car so I can go to Indiana and kill a certain douchebag. Sorry Pingo, you'll have to make due without your idiot of a father because I'm going to kill him. Or I could be nice and just maim him...but where's the satisfaction in that?

I won't say, just yet, what happened. I may not like the douchebag, but my sister loves him. So I will hold out hope that maybe things will get better for them. I believe in miracles. I don't know why my sister loves him, but she does. And they have a kid together. The last thing dumbass needs is 2 ex-wives that each have a kid with him.

What a dumbass. He needs to grow up.

It ruined my goddamn afternoon! (I went back to sleep after class and got up at 4...yeah, my roomie's still asleep seeing as she didn't got to bed until 7. We're totally college students.) And all after that lovely, fantastic, wonderful hockey game last night where the Red Wings stuffed the Penguins 3-1...again!

Oh well...I'm here for my sister. If she needs the help, I may go stay with her after I'm done with classes and before fall semester starts. Oooh....then she and I can go to the Budweiser factory and I can drink the nice, fresh bud light! Yeah for being 21!! OPTIONS!!!

Ok, so maybe this post is kind of happy.

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