Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Forever Feed That Rebel Monster...Dance All People I Hold The Gun...FOR HELVEDE!!

All I have to say is why are all the best bands in Europe? It's not fair...I never get to see them! I got lucky with Nightwish (and as such, Volbeat). But I want more! I walk Milk Inc.Within Temptation.Volbeat (a million times over).Nightwish.Apocalyptica.Magtens Korridorer.Rammstein.The Storm.The Gathering.Delain.Sonata Artica. I wonder if Gob Squad still does shows...

I'm inconsoliable.

And this is half the reason why I am trying to do my Grad school overseas, so I can see all of these bands and more! The other half is because I want to travel through Europe and see all the sights. And I'm hoping to fall in love with a wonderful European man. Someone with a cool last name.

I have one paper left for Pop Culture in America. Tomorrow's our last day of class and the paper is due Friday by 5. I'm going home tomorrow :) Min Farmor is coming to get me and then we're driving down to the Nasty Nati. So I'll be home until Sunday and then it's back to campus for class on Monday. I start bio on monday. Bleh. There's only 2 other people in the class, so it should be significantly boring.

I'm back on Myspace, although it's annoying me. But Volbeat and Magtens Korridorer are my new myspace friends, so life is good :) hehe. I have no life.

I think I'll go feed that Rebel Monster now and watch a horror movie!

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