Thursday, July 9, 2009

BREAKING NEWS...ISSUE NUMBER 1 IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!! ISSUE NUMBER TWO SUCKS, BUT I'M TOO EXCITED ABOUT ISSUE NUMBER 1 TO CARE! get back from class, take a short nap, then walk to the pit stop to get some soda. I come back, get on the computer, check out to find out that VOLBEAT'S GOING TO BE IN THE U.S. THIS FALL!!! That's right bitches...Volbeat is opening up for Metallica in several dates in October, November and December. And guess what? THEY'RE GOING TO BE IN GRAND RAPIDS ON NOVEMBER 9TH!!! I'M GOING TO GET TO SEE VOLBEAT AGAIN!!!

Sadly this means I won't be getting my tattoo anytime soon since I now need to save up for Volbeat CDs, shirts and the ticket. But it's totally fracking worth it. Volbeat and Metallica in one night? HELL YES!! FOR HELVEDE!!!

God is totally on my side.

So what's issue number 2, you ask? My farfar (my dad's father) had a heart attack. Apparently he's fine, but this just brings up so many issues in my family seeing as most of my farfar's kids hate him. I, personally, don't like the bastard. I'm glad to hear he's ok, but I doubt this near death experience will change him at all.

And like I said, I'm too freaking excited to care!!!


I'm going to go now...November can't come soon enough!

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