Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I Really Really Really REALLY REALLY REALLY Want For My Birthday...

When I saw Nightwish last Wednesday, my brother paid for my ticket as an early b-day present (BTW, Alice...).

What I'd really like for my birthday, besides my p.22 Walter and my tea set, is the chance to see Nightwish on Thursday in Atlanta. It's $26.80 for the ticket on (which, if you choose to let me go, I would have to order the ticket because it would have to be in my name so I could actually get in. Enter The Vault doesn't give hard tickets, you pick them up at the venue.) and then I would need a hotel for the night since it's an uber long drive from Cincy to Atlanta. Plus, someone would have to let my mom relenquish the van for the 2 days and I would need money for gas. Now, I can pay for the ticket myself. What I need is money for the hotel and gas. I can't explain how much I want to go.

The Atlanta show is the last show of the US tour for Nightwish. It will most likely be another 2, maybe even 3 years before Nightwish returns for a tour in the US. The Louisville show was, for me, the chance to experience Nightwish live for the first time. The Atlanta show would be about meeting up with people I've made aquantiance with on the forum and about just enjoying the show and not focusing on taking millions of pictures (BTW, all of my pics from the show are up on my facebook account) and hopefully, I could meet Volbeat and Nightwish.

So, if family is reading this, it would be seriously awesome to get a hotel for the night and gas money (and, ya know, convince mom and dad to let me go) so I can see Nightwish.

Plus, it'd be my first time going somewhere far away by myself. I need the practice, because in case you didn't know, I plan on moving to Texas after I graduate from university. That means I'll probably be driving from Ohio to Texas, most likely by myself. Or with my mom. But basically by myself. So this trip down to Atlanta for 2 days would be my chance to see what its like and to start to truly be an adult.


So..ya know...please?

I saw Star Trek with my far (that means Father in Danish, its my new name for my Dad) and his friends from school/work. It was pretty much the best movie of the year! Go see it if you haven't yet. On Sunday, for Mother's Day, my mutti, my far, my far's friend Zombie Killer #1, his mom, and I, went shooting out at the range. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Although, one of the sights on my far's rifles was not cooperating, so that was pissing him off. Other than that, a very productive day at the range.

The Wings lost tonight so they pretty much suck in my mind right now. On Saturday, it's Firebird's 23rd birthday. Hopefully, Marine Chick and her kids will come over and we'll go out to eat.

I go back to school on Sunday. 8 weeks of hell. Ugh....4 days a week of the same class for 2 hours a day. Not cool.

p.s. In 17 days, I will be 21!!!!!!!

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