Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Keep All Of You Happy...Here Are A Few Pics From Louisville

Here are a few of my pics from the Nightwish show in Louisville on May 6, 2009 (with Volbeat as their opening act). The pics are in reverse order, so I would suggest going to the bottom and working your way up.

Tuo, at the endo fthe show. Marco and Emppu with their backs turned. Anette and Jukka walking away.

Marco, Tuo, Anette, John, Jukka, and Emppu. Love them!

Tuo during "Wish I Had An Angel". Glorious! This was right after I threw the rock hand at him, he caught my eye, gave a huge smile and threw one back! I love this band!

Marco, Emppu and Anette during "Wish I Had An Angel"

Isn't he adorable?!

I will say that I am almost done. I know I said a few...this is my version of a few.

Marco talking while Emppu sits in the background and contemplates things.

Tuo and John Two-Hawks hugging after "Creek Mary's Blood". AWESOME SONG!

John and Anette during "Creek Mary's Blood".

John at the start of "Creek Mary's Blood". I'm so glad he was at the Louisville show!

Emppu, right in front of me. This was probably before he threw the pick that went over my head. It was mine. We had eye contact. It was MINE! I curse whoever has it.

I have nothing left to say.

Emppu! Probably taken right before he threw his pic to someone, only to miss them entirely. It happens often with Emppu. But we love him all the same.

Tuo, Emppu and Marco

Emppu hanging out during "The Poet and The Pendulum", I believe. Actually, I don't even know.

This picture was taken to show you the rainfall that comes from Tuo's head as he headbangs. Do you see that?

Anette during "The Islander" only live once. Read this from top to bottom (which is essentially, backwards). Do it, I dare you.

Marco dazzled with "The Islander". Beautiful song.

Marco, Emppu, and Anette.

This shot was to show you the various things on Tuo's chain. It didn't come out that well.

Tuo, Emppu, and Anette interact.

Marco Hietala! God among men.

Just...start at the bottom of this blog...please.

Anette is so gorgeous!

Emppu rocking out.

I started out right in front of Marco (who is always next to Tuo) and ended the concert by being right in front of Tuo. No better place to rock out.

The blonde guy is Ewo, the manager for Nightwish. Hilarious guy.

This is Edward Scissorhands. He is on front of Tuo's front keyboards. Next to the Overworked and Underfucked sticker. Really Tuo? You are, after all, the Maestro. Women love you. But I like to believe this just means that you don't sleep with just anyone. Good guy. The type of guy that you could bring home to mutti and dad, minus the dreadlocks, the sticker, and the eyeliner.

Huh...suddenly the second set of pics I post have appeared at the top. Stupid blogspot. This whole thing is now out of order. Read from the bottom up. NOW!

That would be Captain Jack Sparrow on one of Tuo's keyboards. Awesome.

Oh...that would be Michael (refresher: lead singer of Volbeat, a kick ass Danish band) combing his hair. Apparently someone mentioned to him that it had gotten a bit funky looking (see below).

That is Anders, the guitarist or bassist (I think bassist) for Volbeat. This was one of the only decent pics of him that I took. The other ones all look like we're starring in some horror movie that deforms people when you take pics of them. I'd show you, but I deleted them from my computer.

More Michael with messed up hair. This was before he combed it. Blogspot...really? Must we put them in reverse order? Maybe I'll get smart and switch them. But I'm lazy and hockey starts in a couple of minutes. Let's Go Red Wings! (by the time this blog was posted, the game had ended. We won, 6-3! HAHA!) Oh, btw...notice his beautiful J.R. Cash tattoo. This guy is awesome! I've only just realized you can't see the J.R. Cash tattoo. Rest assured, it's there.

This is the guitarist for Volbeat, Thomas (or maybe it's spelled Tomas). I adore him simply for the wonderful faces he makes during songs. He mouthed pretty much all the words and was in this gig like 200%. BTW, Michael kept prouncing Louisville as it looks (lewis ville) when its actually pronounced Lew-e-ville. Love the Danish!

These are in the reverse order. Stupid blogspot. I swear, these were the first five pics I uploaded.
This would be the sexiness that is the lead singer of the opening band, Volbeat. Volbeat is a Danish band and now rank #3 on my list of obsessions. Before them? Nightwish and Penguins. Congratulations Volbeat and Michael Poulsen, you now have yourselves a new fantatic. Check out his hair. This is what happens when you headbang.

This is Jukka, the drummer for Nightwish (DUH!), signing my MCD cd booklet. I believe that is my poster sitting in front of him, having already signed it. That would be the loveliness that is Tuomas Holopainen, the keyboardist for Nightwish (Double Duh!), sitting next to Jukka.

Beautiful Anette, the singer for Nightwish (triple duh!) with Jukka next to her. Anette was talking to the guy in front of my brother, I believe. Or maybe it was my brother. IDK. I just know she was talking to someone. She is so gorgeous, makes me jealous. Ohio <3s>

And there is Mr. Marco Hietala, the bassist for Nightwish (another Duh!) and the lovable, adorable, cute Emppu Vuorinen, the guitarist for Nightiwish (do I really need to say Duh, Again? No, but apparently I need to randomly capitalize Letters.) signing stuff for my brother.

OMG, who is that? IDK, my BFF Marco Hietala. WTF Marco, I can't believe you smoke. LOL at all the acronym thingys. IDK if that's what you really call them. BTW, just so you realize, this is a pic of Marco smoking before the show was even close to starting. I was sitting in my van with my bro when I look out and see Marco. I took a few pics and I didn't tell anyone. HAHAHA!

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