Monday, May 18, 2009

Screw School and Screw This Stupid Apartment How Can There Be No Internet? That Makes No Sense Someone Save Me From This Hell Before I Murder Someone!

I've got to get back to my apartment because the room I am currently in is freezing (BTW, how is it that it's fucking cold as shit outside in May?!). My room is not that warm, but its much better than this ridiculous place and all other places on campus.

I'm back at school for class. I got on campus yesterday, moved in, only to realize that I forgot a shit ton of stuff. So we went to wal-mart to buy stuff and then we brought it back to my room and my parents left and I realized I still forgot stuff. Like sour cream for my potatoe skins. My roommate left yesterday shortly after I got there. She's not taking classes, she's just doing an internship before she leaves for France next month.

Which means I'm practically all alone in my big, beautiful, no internet apartment. I have a living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Does it surprise you that I slept on the floor last night? I'm sick right now. Either it's piggy-sniffles, a regular cold, or my allergy's are shitting a brick. Whatever it is, its kicking my ass. I have like 50 pages to read for tomorrow, except the books haven't come in yet, so I can't read.

Have I mentioned there's no internet in my room? That's so freaking ridiculous. I'm so pissed off.

However, Good news is that the Wings beat the Ducks and played their first game against Chicago last night, which they won! Yeah bitches! Totally going to the finals!

Well, I'm going to leave. I need to take some medicine and I need to sleep. I will leave the post about the concert with the many pics I took for another day. Or maybe later today if I feel like it.

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