Friday, May 15, 2009

25 Things I Hate About Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. I Am In Love With The Stor (Great) Volbeat and Nightwish!

First off, I am totally in love with Volbeat.

End of blog.

Ok, not the end of the blog, but I am in love with Volbeat. I cannot express to you how much I enjoy seeing them live. Love them!

Second, 25 Things I Hate About Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia

1. It rains too much in Kentucky.
2. As soon as I think I'm about to run into a Tornado in Kentucky, it stops raining and everything is sunny.
3. It takes way too long to drive through Kentucky.
4. I never even noticed I was in Tennessee until I hit some noticably Tennesseean town.
5. Tennessee takes way too long to drive through.
6. The only radio stations available in Tennessee are country stations and gospel.
7. It sucks to drive through 3 states (techically 4) when you have no CD player.
8. And the tape player is a bitch and all you have is Selena, The Carpenters and The Police.
9. Those are all good for only half an hour and then I'm done.
10. People don't know how to drive in Georgia.
11. Is it possible that we try to pay attention to what exit is coming up so that you aren't in the far left lane of 6 lanes of traffic when you realize your exit is coming up in 1000 feet?
12. GPS is stupid.
13. I heard a total of 6 good songs on the radio from 15 hours of being in the car.
14. So what if I didn't listen to the radio for the entire 15 hours, you try driving through the foothills of Kentucky and Tennessee and see if you can get a radio station.
15. In the middle of a horrible rainstorm!
16. People in Kentucky don't know how to drive in the rain.
17. Riding people's asses is not ok when it's raining heavily and there's a good 4 inches of rain on the road.
18. BACK OFF MY ASS ASSHOLE! I'm going 10 over, there's no reason to be pissed that I'm not doing 90 the entire drive!
19. I have a lead foot and this is a problem when driving down the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky because then I go from 80 to 90 very quickly.
20. People in Georgia who go to metal concerts are rude.
21. Driving in Atlanta is ridiculous.
22. Trying to scam me out of 5 bucks for parking? Screw you, I'll park on the street asshole.
23. The Georgia sun almost ruining a great evening.
24. Toilets not flushing in hotel rooms and you don't realize it until the next morning.
25. Forgetting to take pictures of Nightwish (more like I didn't take pictures because I was dying in the bathroom).

And the 1 thing I love about Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia:
1. They know its all Coke and not Soda, Pop, or Soda Pop. Get me a coke! Yes, I'd like a Sprite! Freaking Northerners don't know anything!

I will post my about night and post my pics tomorrow...when I'm not tired. God Abend (good night).

p.s. Danish is a great language.
p.p.s. In case you didn't know, I love Volbeat.
p.p.p.s. I have to go back to campus sunday :(

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