Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Just 8 Hours, I Will Be On My Way To Atlanta To Meet Up With Some Cool Ass People And Enjoy Two Very Kick Ass Bands And I Am So Excited!

Basically, the whole point of this blog is two fold:

1. I will be leaving for Atlanta at 7:30 am and will not be back home until around 6 pm or so on Friday.

2. I have the best parents in the world for letting me do this. I had to do some convincing, but I honestly think this experience is something I need. It's not so much about seeing the bands (although that's an extra 10 bonuses) but about leaving the house for 2 days by myself (and ya know, not having to steal a car or run away to do so) and all of that. This is the first time I will a.) drive a car for more than 3 hours and b.)be in the car by myself.

So I owe my parents a lot for this and I thank God I have the parents I do. They may be pains in my ass sometimes, but they let me get away with stuff no other parents would do and they let me do stuff and give me stuff that no other parents would.

So yeah, I will be back on Friday!

And I'll get back just in time to See Marine Chick, Birthday Stealer and Pingo. So excited!!

Thank you Far and Mutti. Ich liebe dich.

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