Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Something should go here

I'm busy busy busy with The Immortals. I'm getting quite a lot done and am generally happy with how it's going. Obviously it'll need a fair bit of editing, but I think I should be done with the first draft either within the next week or sometime in early September.

I've found three people who will do reviews for me. They've got the book, so now it's just a waiting game. I know FSoA is not the best written book you'll see this year, but I think it's decent. I'm really hoping these reviews will help get my book out there and hopefully will convince even just a few people to buy it.

I'm pushing off the short stories for FSoA because I'm just drawing a blank. I have 10 stories that I want to write (to start with), but I'm just too stuck on the Immortals. So I'm going to do the short stories for NaNo this year. Then I'll edit them and hopefully have them out for ebooks in early 2014. Then I'll go back to the Immortals and finish up and begin the second book.

I'd like to have the Immortals published through a company, but if I can't get anyone to do it, I'll just self-publish later in 2014.

And of course I do still want to write my royalty book.

One thing at a time though.

Meanwhile I finished season 2 of CSI: Miami and I'm waiting on disc one of Season 1 to come to me. Until then, I'm back on my Spartacus rewatch. I did Gods of the Arena and I just started Blood and Sand.

I think I'm going to do a Spartacus header for the blog next. I just gotta decide what I want to do. I'm lying, I'm going to do a Floor Jansen/Revamp header. Just gotta figure out the lyrics for this song.

I've been selling stuff on ebay and although at first I was worried, things are coming together nicely. I need to take more pictures and list more things. I'm lazy about that. I'll get around to it this week.

I've finally knocked out my headache so tomorrow I'm going to dye my hair black. Bye bye blue/green tips and hello normalcy.

On Friday I'll be seeing The World's End and then saturday I'm going to see The Mortal Instruments with a friend. TWE has gotten loads of great reviews (which I expected) and TMI has gotten loads of bad reviews (which I expected). I'll judge for myself this weekend.

edited to add: this is apparently my 100th post.


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