Sunday, August 4, 2013

40,000 Words

So I reached my word count goal for Camp Nano! I am 40,000 words into my first draft of The Immortals. Now I am putting it aside and I will begin writing my short stories for Farther Side of Away. I've got 4 stories I know I want to write. I'd like to get at least 8, but I'd prefer 10. So we'll see.

I've been applying to some jobs in the area and hopefully I'll get one of them. I could use the money. There's two Kamelot concerts I want to go to in August, plus Paramore in November. And plenty of movies and albums coming out I want to buy.

My book is finally available in Nook, Ibook, Sony Reader, and other formats on Smashwords:

I need to figure out new ways of marketing my book. If I sell a couple of more copies of the paperback, I'll get my first check from createspace. And boy that would be nice.

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  1. Good luck with the job hunting. I am hoping to hear back on the library job I just applied for because it would be awesome.

    Surprisingly I am having a lot more luck selling my book in person...and it gives me a better profit. Hopefully I'll see my sales rise with the release of the ebook soon.

    If you need to bounce story ideas or talk through FSoA story plots or whatever, send me a message.