Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photography Portion of the Class

We're in the photography portion of my graphic design class, which is my current favorite part. I love taking photos.

One of our projects was we had to take 5 self-portraits.

Picture 1 had to be a soft photo (slightly blurry)

Picture 2 had to be a sharp Black and White Photo.

Picture 3 had to be me looking down at someone. I had a better idea for this but no one would help me :(

Picture 4 had to be me looking up at someone. Again, I had a great idea for this, but no one would help me. all of the pictures I took today didn't look good, but luckily I found this in my collection, so I think it should work.

Picture 5 he told us to be creative as we want to be. So this is what I did, hopefully it works:

I'd like to give you a proper update on my life. But, well, besides ordering my cap and gown and my class ring, nothing really has happened lately.

Oh, BTW, Repo: The Genetic Opera is AMAZING!!! I <3 Graverobber.

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