Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Don't Need Your Drama, I've Got Enough Of Mine

Hey, you there, on the nightwish forum, bite me.

I've been doing forums for like 5 years now. I think my very first forum was either evanescence of the Sims. I have never, ever, been warned or anything. I've always been really nice, helpful, and sometimes, even liked. At least, I think I was liked on the sims forum back in the day. I was a skinner, so I made skins for people and I did requests, so I think I was kind of popular.

But then comes this new nightwish forum and all of a sudden, I am the biggest bitch that only a couple of people seem to like and noone really talks to me and it just sucks. the forum sucks balls now. It used to be pretty cool, but now I can't stand it. The people on, mostly, suck.

Maybe I'm just too cynical at this point in my life to be apart of something like that. I don't trust anything anyone writes and I think most people are just douchebags.

Fuck the nightwish forum. Bye bye.

p.s. yes, I'm attempting to work on my new layout. It's a slow process, bite me.
p.p.s. did I ever mention I got my VIP ticket for Epica in February? I just hope Alice gets hers so we can go together! Epica would not be the same if she is not there to enjoy it with me!

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