Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'd Like to Tell You A Story About A Girl Who Had a Mild Panic Attack At School and Murdered Half the Campus...

But that would be a false story.

I have to perform in my espionage class with 3 other people on Friday. Our class has been split into 8 groups and we each have a different part of the "spy finding a mole" process. Our part is the "Handling" of information. I play the Washington policy-maker who informs the spy of what we need from the mole.

I hate talking in front of groups and performing in front of people.

I know, how can I be a politician if I can't speak in front of people? Well, when I'm talking about something I enjoy, like politics, then its easy for me to speak in front of people.

This is why I never did acting.

Well, espionage should be fun though.

My other classes suck, although I haven't had Capstone yet, but judging by the fact we have 5 books, I'm going to bet it sucks.

I'm still trying to decide if I really want to go to Sonata Arctica or not. Its only $16 for the ticket, but I'm trying not to spend my money so much. Plus I need to buy my VIP ticket for Epica and my $40 Volbeat shirt before the show in November. So much to buy so little money!

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