Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School And Pissed Beyond Belief Already. New High Score!

So today is the first day of classes of the new year. I moved back to this ridiculous school on saturday and have discovered that this school is more fucked up than ever. First of all, we have hardly any shelving in our room. wtf? Oh and my friends room on the 3rd floor gets a bench in the shower, but we don't despite the fact this is supposed to be a handicapped room.

oh, rite, i see what you did thar. AND FUCK YOU.

Then I discover that the school will not accept my Environmental science class as one of my science requirements because when I was a freshman, ENS 101 was a BIO class, thus since I took Bio Lab, ENS 101 does not count. Oh really? I AM NOT TAKING ANOTHER FUCKING SCIENCE CLASS DOUCHEBAGS.

Oh and I still will need 18 credits. So next semester, I have to take 18 credits which is about 6 classes. Did I mention I'll have to pay extra for that 6th class despite the fact the online registry tells us we're allowed 18 credits? Haha, I totally get it. AND ANOTHER FUCK YOU!

And then, ya know, I can't get my fucking computer updated all weekend so this is the first time I've been on the internet since friday. Fucking retarded system.

And then today, I lose my id! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY ID. I can't get into my building, I can't eat in the lunchroom or the cafe, and I can't buy my books. WHY GOD, WHY?

I am just beyond pissed and beyond stressed and I am this | | close to crying and then taking a gun to the stupid college hall (just kidding, I'd never kill them. that would be letting them off to easily).

Oh, and did I mention after that for four years of school, it costs over $100,000? And it's not even that great of an education.

Swear to God, after I become famous, I'm telling everyone to stay away from this fucking school. It's not worth the crap you go through in the four years here.

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