Thursday, September 19, 2013

Licensed again

My Substitute Teaching License came in this week, so now I just have to wait for the school to need me. Hopefully the first time I go in will be for a bunch of lovely kids, since it'll be my first day subbing. With my luck, I'll end up with a bunch of kids who can smell fear.

I am slowly raising awareness of my book. I'm more active on goodreads and when I can, I talk about my book on other sites. Next week, I will be having a free ebook week through Kindle to celebrate the 3-month anniversary of the release.

Heidelberg finally sent out their Summer Bulletin and there on page 29, under 2010 was my blurb about releasing my book! So cool to see it in print.

I've finally got past the long chapter 9 and am writing chapter 10 for the Immortals. This chapter should go fairly quickly and then the Epilogue won't be long. Once the first draft is done, I'm going to start really focusing on my short stories for FSoA. If I can get a good chunk done by late October, I'll submit a thing to the Winter Bulletin about releasing my second novel.

Any press is good press.

Meanwhile, the weather is so back and forth here that I tend to wake up with headaches. It sucks the big one. I'm so tired of the weather.

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