Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All that we can do is just survive

My dad and I went to see Rush last night at Riverbend. Our seats kind of sucked (we couldn't see Neil or the string ensemble at all), but otherwise we were pretty close. I had a great time and enjoyed the concert a lot. They played their B setlist, which was nice because it has the Pass on it (one of my favorite songs) and I saw their A setlist in Columbus last year. It worked out nicely.

The downside was that I didn't get to bed until around midnight. Oddly, I wasn't too tired during work, but I am feeling it right now. As I write this, my eyelids are trying to forcefully shut themselves.

Work continues to be decent. A crappy question, but lovely people. I saw my TL from my last project and told her I finally published my book. She was quite happy to hear it. A couple of other people at work now know about my book.

This week, until the 5th, you can get it for free on Kindle. So far, 85 copies have been downloaded, just from the US store. The Japan, Italy, and India stores have sold one copy each. That's pretty crazy to know my book is being read as far away as Japan and India! Hopefully most of these people will enjoy it and spread the word.

Meanwhile, I've started writing book one of my trilogy. I haven't gotten a lot of writing done because of work, but hopefully tomorrow I can get some done. Since it's the 4th, I don't have to work, which is nice. But I'll be back at work on Friday. With any luck, we'll finish this project tuesday or wednesday and then I'll have a week or so before my final project of the summer.

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