Saturday, May 18, 2013

New book idea

I've had this zombie book idea for a while, but it was just going to be one book called The Lonely Mountain. And then it became a trilogy.

There's so much of the story to tell that I've decided to split it into three books. For now, they're called The Immortals, The King Under the Mountain, and The Once & Future Queen.

I also have a novella idea called Barnabas the First. Although I might turn that into just a collection of short stories because I'd also like to have a story solely for another character.

The zombies don't actually come into play until the second book. I might throw them in at the end of the first book. we'll see.

I won't start really working on this until after FSOA is done. So hopefully I can start The Immortals for Camp Nano in July.

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