Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moving On

So my third project is now done. We finished before lunch yesterday and I am so glad. This last project was a little bit awful. It wasn't one we expected to have, so it was thrown on us at the last minute. I am very glad for the paycheck though.

I got paid yesterday and will be looking forward to having that money. I am going to go to Ikea next week and see if I can find some of the shelving I want. I need stuff for the walls so I can get a lot of this stuff off the floor to make room for other stuff.

Now that work is over, I can get back to the final edit of Farther Side of Away. I need to finish it. I was hoping to have it done by now but work got in the way. I've got like 10 people who are interested, so I think I may sell a few books. Fingers crossed.

I bought a few things this week. I got the next volume of Are You Being Served, as well as the movie, Ripper Street, Season 1 of Mr. Ed (for my mom), Delain's album Interlude (love it), and Volbeat's new album Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies (love it much more than their last one).

I also bought a Gizmo bobblehead.

I couldn't resist. Gizmo is just so cute.

Today I'm going to see Star Trek Into Darkness. I can't wait!

I saw Iron Man last weekend with my friends and it was so nice to see them and the movie was great. I miss my friends.

Speaking of friends, I can't wait to go to Marion. We're going to see Iron Man 3 again (for both of us) and the new Fast & Furious. I still need to watch 5. Hopefully I can have my book done by then.

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