Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I know, I know

I need to be better about updating. I'm done with school, so hopefully I can keep up with this better.

So, I finally bought myself a leather jacket! Thank you Forever 21!

This is the jacket, as advertised. If I had the money, I would definitely get a second one in this blue color.

This is my crappy webcam picture of me in my jacket. I went with black, since it should go with more things. It's really comfortable to wear, even though I went with a small instead of a medium. It's a little snug, so if I ever get the money to get a second one, I'll get it in a Medium.

I got it for just $24.80, no shipping, since Forever 21 was doing free shipping for all purchases that week. I just had to pay tax, so it came out to $26.41. Totally affordable. It took about a week to get here.

I would definitely recommend this jacket. There are a lot of stores selling this kind of jacket, but if you're on a budget, Forever 21 has the most affordable one. Plus they're doing all types of sales and things for the holidays, so check out the website!

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