Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Really?

You know, I'm really pissed off with how my sister's in-laws are treating her and Pingo. Seriously? Fine, you want to not like Marine chick, ok, I can get that, but to turn your back on your grandchild? Fuck that. I swear, the in-laws better hope they never run into me cause I'll let them know how it goes. You may not like someone, but you sure as hell should respect, especially when they're family. Cause NEWSFLASH, Marine Chick and her dude aren't divorced, she's still his wife, she's still (and always will be) the mother of his son. That alone means she is worthy of decency. But then again, we are talking about a family who has no respect for anyone else. They let people walk all over them and talk shit about people behind their backs.

I've got no respect for any of those people and if I never saw them again it would be a day too soon. I've never liked any of them and I never will. I respect my sisters decision and choices, but crap man, she deserves someone who will actually give a crap about her. Not this douchenugget who shouldn't even be a Marine. He needs to man up and grow a pair before a 95 lb girl kicks his ass.

My sister has stuck up for me my whole life, I'm more than willing to return the favor.

And now in happy news, I took a better picture of my hair.

And also, I'm totally in love with Metallica right now and the only reason I'm currently not listening to Metallica is because my Storm CD came in the mail on Monday, so I've been listening to that for two days. It's SIGNED! THEY SIGNED IT! SERIOUSLY? AMAZING!!!! I will no longer complain that it cost me $30. THEY FREAKING SIGNED IT YA'LL!!! I <3 The Storm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. They've seriously moved into my top 5. Black Luck is an awesome CD.

But anyways, Metallica. Right, so Metallica. <3 this band. I <3 Death Magnetic.

Dudes, Papa Het (James Hetfield, singer of Metallica for the sadly uninformed) is my dad's age, 46, and still looks amazing.

I'm throwing this picture in because it makes me smile.


That was just your life.

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