Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh yeah!

Good news all around. I only owe $500 to the school and as soon as I turn in this stupid paper, I should be getting $500. So then I'll be able to sign up for classes.

in one week, Afro and I will be in Grand Rapids to see Volbeat and Metallica! I am beyond estatic! I cannot wait to see Volbeat! Too bad they're only playing 8 songs, but ya'll can bet I'll be screaming my lungs out from row 201! Metallica should be more than amazing, so I've heard.

And then in February, I'll be heading to Cleveland for the first time to meet Epica! I cannot wait to get my hands on their new CD. Their concert should be amazing!

And then in March, I'll be going to St. Louis to see my sister for Spring Break. And While i'm there, hopefully she and I will be going to see Flogging Molly! FM just announced their 2010 tour dates. They'll be in St. Louis on March 10th, which is the near the end of my spring break. Perfect! Since Marine Chick wasn't able to make it to the Volbeat/Metallica show with me, we can go see Flogging Molly together. It'll be 10 times cheaper (only $28) and we'll be much closer to the band! I can't wait to find out who is opening for FM. Hopefully it's someone I know!

So yeah. God is providing. It took a while for the sun to shine, but here it is!

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