Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Had Something Really Important To Say But I Cannot Remember What It Was So I'm Going To Talk About Something Else and Hope I Remember

I'm pretty sure I'm about to go into heart failure. I'm really working myself up over nothing. It's ridiculous.

I had something that I wanted to blog about but I can't remember what it was. I should really learn to write this shit down.

I think this is my shortest blog ever.

p.s. 1 Week Until I See NIGHTWISH!!!! OMG!!!! Fangirly mode: GO!

p.p.s. 2 Days of Finals and 5 Days Until I'm Home!!!

p.p.p.s. Soon-to-be-Dr. Statistics is the coolest guy ever.

p.p.p.p.s. 16 Days Until I See The Greatest And Coolest Choir Ever!!!


I'm an idiot. A big, big idiot.

I remember what I wanted to say.

I wanted to say that I love it when people read my blog (I mean, why else would I have a blog if I didn't want people to read it). I hate it when people come up to me and say "Oh, I read your blog! I ____ it!" (fill in blank with love, hate, or w/e). It bothers me because I want to know that people read it, but I don't want people to tell me in person that they read it. Or even on facebook. Comment on here all you want, just don't bring it into my real life.

You want to know why? I'll tell you why.

I'm an idiot and I'll say things that I don't mean or that I'm to chicken shit to say to your face and I'd rather pretend that you have never read it. So when you tell me that you've read it, I know you know what I said about you and then I have a mini heartattack over it and I spend my time freaking out over whether you hate me, love me, think I'm freak or a bitch or whatever.

Obviously, I'm just talking about people I go to school with. I know my family thinks this blog is hilarious. But I'm talking about the people I say stupid shit about (douped? I was never douped. I used the wrong word. There was no douping involved. Promises were never made and nothing was ever said. it happened and we moved on. End of story. No douping) and people I talk shit about (like all of those bears. Some are nice, some are major douchebags) and people I used to be friends with (like Former Best Friend and The One Who Hates Me And I Don't Know Why). These are the people I don't want to confront about my blog.

And that's why I have been having a mini heart attack all day. OVER NOTHING. It was nothing. Well, not nothing, but it was nothing to freak out over. I just saw a few words and I didn't read the rest and I freaked out.

I know that makes no sense to you, but trust me, it was cause for concern for a whole 5 words and then the rest was fine. No reason to freak out.

But if I didn't freak out, then I wouldn't be me.

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